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Alan Cohen
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Footnote to the Plumber blog on Wednesday

We were ready for the plumber, everyone was up and dressed and prepared for the final day of fixing and closing up of holes in walls etc.
The plumber did not arrive.
I called his cellular but no answer.

< Is he trapped in a cellar with his arm in a pipe? 
Is his head stuck in a pipe in some old building, similar to mine? 
Is he lolling on a beach in Rio? 
Is he in the hospital, suffering from the germs he breathed when he inhaled the air from the hole he made in our wall? the one that is still open and expecting him to come close it ... TODAY? 
Did he run off with some winsome young girl who likes disheveled but charming plumbers who never show up on time?>

His wife called.. over an hour after he was supposed to be here. 
His "pressure is low" ... he has to stay in bed. He will call me tomorrow.
His pressure is low ??? maybe I should lend him some of mine, it has to be HIGH by now.

It is too late to go to a movie, the sun is shining but it is freezing cold out .. I baked a cake, that is as domestic as I want to get in one week , the dog is bored but still cozy on the bed with his chewy toy, after having his hair combed this morning, he is just thankful that I am not following him around with a brush anymore.

I will go to cooking blogs now and get the perfect recipe for pasta for tonight.
Last nights pasta with 2 fried eggs on top was not the big hit I thought it would be. But at least no one gained weight from it. 
It is too cold to go to a restaurant, I can't stand the thought of riding downstairs in the elevator, how could I go sit in a nice warm restaurant then have to go back outside ? No, home is the place to be when you are freezing cold. This is Buenos Aires.. why am I surprised that I am freezing? I have to go look at air fares to Rio .. or New York .. yeah, New York .. it is hot .. I would be complaining about the heat in no time !
Who wants to Pup sit ? 

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