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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Want to go for a little walk?

"Just down to the Park, we won't be long, Pup needs his walk , let's get out in the fresh air for a few minutes"...
It is freezing cold today, mostly grey and cloudy, I swear it feels like it could snow.  I think I have adjusted to living here, where it is warm more than it is cold. I don't love the smothering heat and humidity of late summer with its clouds of mosquitoes but I do not love this cold that much either.
So we were up and ready this morning , waiting for the plumber, who arrived about 5 minutes late and told us his partner is sick and he will be here tomorrow morning.
Fine. We won't talk about how hard it was for me to get out from under those blankets this morning, how difficult it was to even leave my warm room , much less prepare to have workers in the house and no bathroom for the day...
So we will do it again tomorrow.. he again promised me, pinkie swear, that it will be all done tomorrow.
I think he is sort of afraid of what will happen if he breaks his promise.. he has seen that look in my eye.. 
I know he likes us but I think he might worry about me a little .. 
Will she jump? 
Will she come at me with a large knife? 
Will she just crumple into a puddle of weeping wailing English speaking female? 
He doesn't want to know, he will be here and he will be finished at the end of the day- tomorrow.

So I was happily reading the New York Times online when it was suggested that we take the dog and go to the park, the dog needs it. A little fresh air will be good for us .. 
We even stopped for scones on the way, they were hard as rocks and made great snacks for the pigeons waiting... they know us now. 
We walk to the statue and stand there and 2 minutes later, we are surrounded by pigeons and doves and a few little chickadees, all staring at us. Alfred Hitchcock would make a movie if he saw it ! 
He did already  .. oh well, then he would make it in Spanish this time !

So we walked and talked and threw crumbs around and Pup chased the birds and a good time was had by all.
The sun came out and it felt great so my husband suggested a walk, "that way" ... so we went past the Recoleta Cultural Center, where we will go tomorrow to see the newest Whatever it is they have .. and past the vendors .. one selling scarves today must have been making lots of money ! And the Tarot card reader with her little cat sleeping under the table.. 
And on into the neighborhood. We looked in Design shops and Antique shops and read Houses for Sale in Real Estate office windows. We wandered and browsed and Pup sniffed and wandered with us.

We stopped at the L'Occitane shop to see if they had the shampoo I like, they did not. I will look elsewhere, someone might sell it here, I hope. 
(this is the part where I get annoyed)
Pup and I stood at the shop window watching while my husband was inside. People were walking back and forth, but basically it was quiet and not many people around.
I turned around and there was this man with a camera, a big one and he was just standing there taking photos of us ! Blatantly, no smile, no thank you, no May I ... I stared at him and he put the camera down, I turned with the dog back to the window, then turned around quickly and he was doing it again !! 
So I pulled Pup in front of me, and we stood with our backs to him until my husband came out.
If you see us on the cover of some insane Tabloid, let me know. 

We found some antique shops we have to go back to. I saw a lamp that I really like..  I saw several handbags I must have .. one black leather with white stitching, one big thing in caramel .. I like that color . 
So we wandered back home, hurrying the last few blocks, it looked like rain, but it never did.

We were gone 2 hours ! You never know what will happen, you walk out the door to let the dog have a quick break in the park and 2 hours later, here you are. 
Tea time ! 

Tomorrow, the Recoleta Cultural Center and maybe another Museum too.


  1. The joys of living in a city...everything is at your reach (except the shampoo you like!!!)and ready to keep you entertained for 2 hours.

  2. May I tell you something I hope isn't too obvious? I really like how you write and I very much enjoyed reading your post. I'll be waiting for all THE new tales from abroad !

    P.S..what about the creep with the camera ???

  3. Nice & Easy .. yes, entertainment is just outside the door .. not to mention the jugglers etc in the park, Pup especially likes them.

    Flaviana, you could not have said anything nicer ! Thank you , muchas gracias, un grande beso para tu!

    I will pretend the creep with the camera thought that Pup and I were famous and his editor will tell him he is an idiot when he shows him the photos and that will be the end of that lol


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