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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Hero of the Day

Yes, children, there is a God and he sent me a plumber, no ! two plumbers today !
One was the disgraced plumber known as C and the other we never got the name of but he was the Hero of the Day.
We will call him P. ( for Plumber- cuz that is what he did).

They were here a tiny bit late, the excuse about parking came up again but they arrived, so almost all was forgiven. I was cool, not rude but no one got a warm welcome.. no one got coffee or tea .. no one got yelled at.  I do have some tiny amount of self-control left .. tiny tiny bit .

I came in here with Pup and we hid for a few hours.
There were consultations in the hall , outside of the bathroom, which will never be as perfect as it was when we first renovated it, but really ? I think we are the only ones who can tell .
Pictures speak much better for me in this case.. There was much banging and what sounded like china dishes being broken..
Then there was the destruction phase. These always depress me and make me want to weep and wonder will it ever look as good or even just not horrible ?
And will it all stand out like a bad seamstress repairing your sleeves and they are never quit right ?
Those orange things are pipes ... Dry.
That wall that is broken open ... Dry.
And yeah, even in Argentina ....
So like all things that seem to happen in our lives, especially in our homes and always in Buenos Aires, there is no explanation, no cause of the wet and no leak anywhere.
Everything was dry.
So everything was checked, resealed and closed back up.
One of the causes, according to C, who did plenty of mulling and thinking and tapping his head ( does this make things work better inside there?) .. the seal between the sink and the wall was not good, all the splashing of water leaked into the wall from the sink and eventually started the water damage.
Of course, someone would think of a reason that put all the blame on us !

But I am going along with it for now. If it happens again, I think I will be much more serious about the Real Estate online sites.

So here is the cleaned up and finished product, minus the paint job... that is next.
After they left and we cleaned up, it was definitely time for some Fresh Air.
So grabbing Pup we went into the neighborhood to wander, get some warm sun on our faces and relish the feeling that the Big Deal over the Bathroom is over. Pup was  happy about that .. Especially when he spied this little face peeking around the corner .. the photo doesn't do him justice, his eyes were as green as the leaves..
The Parks were full , it is winter break for the schools and there were children and families everywhere enjoying the sunshine. The cafes were full, the feria people were working and selling wonderful leather bags and some scarves and shawls that I have my eye on ..
Crossing the street , it looks so peaceful and quiet .. no?
But then, as I went to the next block and stood in the middle of the empty street .. the light changed...

Here they come !!
Last night we took Pup on one last walk and I had to take a photo of the moon.
Yes. the moon over Buenos Aires
So this is The End of the plumber saga.

stay tuned for the Saga of the Painter 


  1. Bravo! You have survived and the bath looks great. Painting ahead.....

  2. Fantastico - Finalmente! What a great day it must be in BA for the Broad!

  3. Yes, the bathroom looks great (and dry!), and I love BA's lune!!

  4. May there not be a Plumber Saga II. Love the pictures.

  5. I think if there were another Plumbers saga, I would spare everyone. Once is enough and it was too long anyway.
    People will see me coming and mutter, Oh God, here we go again, another damned plumber drama !
    No... I am saving my next drama for something Big .. yeah. . Who are the new people moving in downstairs?
    should we move? etc

  6. Bless your heart...I'm so sorry that you've been going through all of this and I'm so glad that it seems to have finally found an end! I've been slightly AWOL in blogland lately(so busy, and a bit stressed) and have been desperately wanting to catch up with everyone!
    What an ordeal, I can't imagine trying to manage a problem like this in another country, kudos to you both (and pup too!) I don't think we'll be able to stay here while all the work's being done but we'll know more about that this week, hopefully.

    Thank you for your heartfelt and "knowing" comment, I appreciated it very much.

    xoxo Jessica


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