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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ha! You call this Winter ?

Another beautiful day .. about 55ºF  and blue skies and sunshine.
What to do ? what to do ?
After getting some things out of the way in the morning, it was time to get out in the sun, Pup came along, the plan was end up in a cafe for lunch.
Not a bad plan. Walk, eat , walk. No one was complaining.
That is ArnetPoint, an excellent spot for anytime of the day stopping and eating and drinking. We go there most often to sit outside but in the heat of the summer, inside in the big booths is not bad either. They make the best pizza but today it was a Caprese salad for me and my husband had a sandwich of Tuna ( if we were in the US we would be calling it that Delicious Imported in Oil stuff) with greek olives and tomatos... how good does that sound?) Pup just hung out and enjoyed the cool breeze while he lay in the sun.
They are great about pups, they will bring a big bowl of water if Pup asks.
Past the cafe you can see the huge building of the AAA -Argentine Automobile Association . This is where some wonderful cars will gather , vintage and beautiful and they will all drive along the Avenue. And past the AAA is the Decorative Artes Museum .. on the other side of the street are the Parks.. more commonly known as Pup's Parks.

I love the winter here. Even when I feel whiney because we had a spell of long, rainy, cold days, I still like winter best here.
I have ceased to be a fan of heat and humidity or just heat.
I no longer lie in the sun or go to the beach to tan, so heat, humidity and mosquitoes just get in the way of my Good Times.. so give me some Argentine winter , I am content.

Pup is not complaining either , btw. He gets lots of walks and hangs out in parks and cafes and generally is content with the way things are .. We all agreed today that we are happy here.
I love this little park and would be even happier if there was an apartment available in the little brick building.. really, I am going to start wishing on stars and winning the breaking of the Wishbone and whatever else might work .. I can see us living here and having that park in front of our door ..
 Here is another favorite building. . although every time I look at it, I wonder how the bathroom walls are and do the floors squeak.

So that is the day so far, we are muy contento and enjoying the day and the place and the people.


  1. Catie loves going out to eat with me...but she doesn't relish the idea of a flight to BsAs.

  2. I didn't ask Pup about his feelings on flying. I don't want to do it to him again, unless they let him sit up front with me :)
    Times like this I wish I had a relative who flies their own plane !

  3. I like reading that the weather got is the only thing that worries me about moving...will we get used to it after living in California??? I hate rain!!! It will be an adjustment, that's for sure!
    I'm so glad the Plumber finally made it!! Hopefully is all over now!!!


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