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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Parks, Pups, Pigeons, Plumbers

We took a walk with the dog after the Plumber fiasco.
We walked past trees such as this.
We went past old buildings and statues
Past the University

And through the parks
and past the pigeons

to the cafe where we had a sandwich and some cafe con leche and soaked up the warm sun on a brisk winter day. 
Pup enjoyed everything as usual and I was calmed by the sun and fresh air and have just enough patience to wait one more time for the plumber, who did not arrive, he said he could not find a parking spot, I said come tomorrow or never.
The End
photos - AllPosters and my own


  1. I really think it's time to look for another plomero....

  2. Only after you kill this one first......

  3. OOOh that is just not fair! I thought my trip to Notes from Abroad today would see streamers, balloons, Marching Music - with a lovely piece saying that you love the plumber and that all your woes around the bathroom are done and dusted with glistening pictures to proove it......We are waiting even in Australia for it all to be completed.

    Patience this time certainly needs virtue!

  4. Sweet Freak, those trees are Everywhere , really Every Where !!
    Amazing.. sometimes it is like living in one of those Disney villages.. Swiss Family Argentina or something.


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