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Friday, July 30, 2010

Winter is back

We had a couple of days of beautiful weather, where only a light jacket was needed. The sun that shone so brightly  sitting in the cafe the other day, giving me pink cheeks and a few new freckles, was hidden by storm clouds and rain today.
Last night we fell asleep to the sound of thunder and the occasional sight of lightening, flashing outside the shutters. I love falling asleep to rain and storms.. but I do not like waking up to them.
And rain it did. Heavily, constantly, all day.
And our housekeeper did not show up.
So we did a little house cleaning and I made a good pasta dinner.
I am reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo so at least when there is nothing on television, there is good music and a good book to read.
Pup got a new bone the other day so there was a frenzy of playing with the bone that someone hid in a blanket. Kill kill, I must kill this blanket !!

From Momento 24 

"The National Weather Service expected the arrival of a new and probably rawer cold wave in Buenos Aires and provinces located in central Argentina.
After a couple of days with pleasant temperatures (within expectations for the winter), sub-zero temperatures are estimated for today and the weekend.
As usual, the reason are the fronts from Patagonia that will be installed permanently today, leaving estimated temperature between -5 ° and 2 ° C minimum and 7 ° and 12 ° C maximum.
The question that everyone is already asking with scarves, sweaters and jackets at wholesale, is when will the cold wave pass? According to the National Weather Service, next Wednesday, temperatures should be increasing again."
So I guess we will all just huddle in with pups, blankets and snuggle up with husbands and books and wait it out.


  1. I love reading blogs from the other side of the world. Reinforces that summer and winter are not necessarily distinct. They happen at the same time!

    Stay warm. I'll stay cool.

  2. Hi Michael !
    Yes, my sentences are dotted with MY winter/ YOUR winter all the time now .. an aspect of living at the bottom of the world that I never took into account.


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