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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday ... Friday had better be better.

It is Thursday.  Long story short - the plumber has stood us up every day.
Tonight his wife called, ( the coward couldn't tell me himself) and she said Monday. 
I said noon. My husband and I will get someone else if Monday noon goes by with no sign of him again.
So that is the plumbing news, but I have photos to help you feel appropriately sorry for me.
This photo magically eliminates the quite visible black mold and cracks and water stains up around and on the ceiling. It is to give you an idea of what the bathroom is supposed to look like.
Here you can see the holes gouged in the wall where they were wet and peeling , the stains on the mirror from rust on the back from the wet wall.
And here you see the problem we have had this past week, the plumber came one day, made a hole, left and has not returned. The hole needs to be closed up. I need a vacation. From plumbers and from walls. I think I should go somewhere that is warm, no mosquitoes and maybe just a wee bit of good shopping in case I get bored with not having a hole in the wall to look at or a plumber to call or even, if I really dream wildly, I will not ever have to try to learn the words for Leak, Mold, Wet or Pipe, in another language, ever .. ever.
OK... I am better now, thank you.

We took the dog to the park, because all of us needed fresh air and to be outdoors, regardless of the fact that it was bone chilling cold and windy. The sun would come out and tease us a moment then the wind came along and had us huddling.. Pup loved it of course.
This is the park as we approach .. I love these trees.. 
so after a short time in the park, we scurried home ... stopping at the bakery for brownies and truffles. Hey ! I needed chocolate today, urgently !
So this was tea time ... that is a tart that they are calling an empanada but as you can see, it is not filled, it is a tart. . an empanada tart. But who cares about that.... it is the Chocolate that is important !

To top off my day of irritations, we walked out of the door of our apartment building and across the street were 3 people, with cameras, I guess tourists. I am used to people fussing over Pup but this went way beyond fussing and beyond rude too. As we walked away from our door, all three of them raised their cameras and started taking photos of us. If only I had been on that side of the street, they would have gotten what I was saving for the plumber. 
I wonder if they let you blog from Argentine jails ?........


  1. Poor Carlos needs to be sent to the pampas never to return. He is a miserable man, first telling you he will arrive at 7 and then canceling. Tries men's souls.

    Glad there was chocolate to make it better.

  2. Thank God for chocolate.. I guess God knew plumbers were going to be a trial for some people so he invented chocolate to help us manage.

  3. I hope the plumber finishes the job and the leaks finally stop!

    Your experience sounds just like what happens here in Mexico. I guess it's the Latin manaña attitude. Things will get done when they get done. Why worry about it? Of course, the plumber is not the one with a gushing waterfall in his house! If the problem had been in his house, you can bet he'd have it fixed pronto!

    I can't blame you about feeling exploited by the photo-taking tourists. It's an invasion of your privacy and just plain rude! Do you think they read your blog and hunted you down to snap photos of Pup?

    Take care and watch out for the paparazzi!

    Cindi in Mexico

  4. Que pases un feliz fin de semana,

  5. Well, I was feeling very sorry for you... until the picture of the tarta-empanada, chocolate, truffles appeared....and then I lost my train of thought. What were you saying about the plumber, what plumber????

    Pass the tarta!!!! LOL!!!
    Have a great weekend and I really, really hope he shows up!!!


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