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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Sounds of Silence .... or not

It is sunny and crisp out, there is hardly any traffic, all the party-goers and club people and old folks are still sleeping in or are moving slowly and quietly this morning.
At 3 am I woke  up thinking someone called me ... I lay there a minute realizing that there were no children sleeping in the other room, no one could have called me... my husband was sound asleep, the dog was sound asleep, just me .. listening to the dark quiet .
So lying there in the dark, I started thinking about the other bedrooms that I have had in the past few years and how I would feel lying there in the dark .. 
When we lived in the US, after we moved out of NYC, our favorite  house in the Northeast was an old "enchanted cottage" sort of a house.. in our eyes it was just beautiful, full of charm, set on a hill into the woods of the property, mostly at night I heard nothing, in the day I heard birds and an occasional car passing by. I loved that house.

When we moved to Florida, I heard great huge owls at night who would come floating in and would sit in the tops of the pine trees and they would sit there Hooting all night. . who would have thought a person could get annoyed with constant non-stop hooting all night ? 
That house was unfortunately set next door to a house with a teenager who liked to stand outside in the driveway and talk to his friends... which happened to be situated right next door to our bedrooms .. 
I quickly had no love for my neighbors and was not sad at all to leave that house. . although having Egrets walking through the front yard, owls and all sorts of little birds in the back yard did make up for a lot.

In Portland, Oregon, we lived in a loft style apartment in the middle of the city, in a neighborhood where the old factories and breweries had been converted into posh apartments and shops and restaurants.
I loved that apartment. It had views of the hills to the right and the city and Mt Hood to the left. At night when the lights came on, it was hard to stop just staring out the windows .. which wrapped around the apartment so there was no shortage of light or views. The noises there began late at night, coming from the people who had come out of the clubs and the place where they had music shows .. some nights they were scary noises, sometimes they were just annoying drunk noises. But even those, we grew used to and slept through most times.

Now here we are in Buenos Aires.. it is noisy most of the time. 
They like to honk their horns here. 
There is always traffic and there are always dogs barking . And late at night on weekends, there will be sounds of revelry .. for want of a better word than drunken carousing.
On some holidays we can expect fireworks to be added to the mix.

I am just mostly thankful we do not have to get up every morning and go to work.
I can sleep as late as I wish.
Pup has gotten into the habit of going to sleep by my side of the bed, but in the morning he is under the bed.
Is it quiet down there ? I might have to come down and join him one night and see. Perhaps he has discovered something ..


  1. You seem to have adapted so quickly to things that most people couldn't even think of. Just amazing. Good for you!!!

  2. Pup has wise eyes

  3. Loved the piece, loved the anonymous comment...he does have wise eyes.


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