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Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood ..

 After getting a very late start today, we managed   get out into the sunshine. An early winter day and a wool sweater ended up being too warm to wear for most of the day. I like winter here .... a lot !
So does Pup... by the end of the day, he and we were just worn out. All of this walking had better be good for us ! 
The bands were in the parks, you could hear them from several blocks away. There were the usual jugglers, the feria was busy with  plenty of tourists and locals shopping, visiting, taking photos and generally enjoying another beautiful day in Buenos Aires.

So we headed off in the opposite direction.
Walking along the huge avenue called Libertador, past the parks, the Statue of the Big Man on an even Bigger Horse and past Plaza 
 Eva Peron and her statue .. all fenced in to prevent the graffiti artists and vandals.. past the beautiful apartment buildings and cafes and the AAA ... Argentine Automobile Association.. and the Embassy to Chile .. and ending up at Rond Pont where we had Bloody Mary, a glass of Malbec and a plate of fried calamari. Pup took a nap.
Now all of this was lovely, the walk was great, the trees are still blooming with flowers, people were picnicking and skating and biking and lolling on the ground .. I wanted to wander back in the neighborhood where the houses are houses, not apartment buildings and where the only sound you hear is birds singing .. OK, a train passes by but even that is not noisy .. it is a quiet train ..
So I took photos this time. I will show you why I like this place and why we need to win the Lottery.
Something tells me, these houses are still too expensive, even with the exchange rate.
Some are very Spanish style and some are very English. I go back and forth between my liking for this one and that. I have even chosen houses that are quite small, after all, there are only the two of us with Pup and an occasional visitor. I can be practical .. really.
And then there is that little matter of the gardens and areas that I can't see that I am sure are breathtaking in beauty and would suit me just fine.
There is an apartment building that is like no other that I have seen here. Formal gardens, fountains, amazing flowers and the building ! This is the back gate. 

There are beautiful trees, some losing their leaves and like this one, growing lots of berries.

The Mexican Embassy is here.

This house is for sale. I have to torture myself and see how much they are asking. I am guessing no less than $1.5 million. . maybe $ 2 million .. 

This one is nice if you like Ivy.

 I think this one is just beautiful, newly painted , but the white one next door is very appealing. I love the idea of the master suites being on the top floor and there being these wonderful hidden gardens in the back. 
I seem to like the white houses best. The balconies are pretty aren't they? and the round dormer windows.
 This is just looking down one of the streets. You can get an idea of how beautiful it is when those trees are full of leaves, or just a few weeks ago when the leaves were all red and golden. I see no reason why I cannot have a house here.. well, I know one reason but besides that ..

I am pretty sure that this house has been in some Design magazines that I get. The iron work on the doors and windows is very distinctive. And very beautiful.
A close up of the iron work .. forgive the slight blurriness

So ? What do you think, would you like to live there ? Right smack in the middle of the city with all those big buildings and 6 lane Avenues and high rises everywhere .. I hope you liked the tour .


  1. Those berries are similar!

    Such gorgeous places, by the way. I enjoy your photos.


  2. Thanks ! I thought you might appreciate house photos :)

  3. I'll try again!
    Love the blog for today.
    This part is a pain in the ass.
    Sorry - this is the THIRD time I've typed in the correct words and it hasn't worked yet. I'll give it one more try.
    One of the words was about 13 letters long and impossible to read.

  4. I can smell the flowers!

  5. I didn't know you had a blog!

  6. Let me I want to live there???.....YES!!!!!!

  7. I would be so in awe over the wrought iron work, the flower boxes, etc., that I'd be lost for days and days... so beautiful... so much nicer than where I am - especially at the moment with its heat and humidity and consistent pop up thunderstorm...

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  9. Brit, thanks for commenting. Please, next time, leave out the advertising.


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