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Friday, June 4, 2010


I used to eat apples all the time, my grandmother told me that was why my cheeks were red.. I loved apples in every form.
And now to add to my love of all things apple, I will add Apple.

When we left to come here, my husband bought a  Mac Book.
It has been a lifesaver .  Last night, little Mac was not behaving so well. This morning, he would not wake up. We rushed him to the doctor at the Apple store and they said that it might take about a week for a diagnosis.
We are hoping that it can be fixed , I am hoping it is something Apple will pay for and I am really hoping that he does not lose his files, photos, everything !
He did not back it up.

We both had a scare in the past, we bought a little USB thingee for my computer and I immediately saved my photos and "special stuff" ... but he never did it with his.
So fingers crossed that little Mac will come home quickly with his memory and not cost us a suitcase full of pesos.

Pup likes apples too, by the way.
Dogs usually do like apples.
They are good for them, not too much or You will be sorry but a little sweet crunch will make your pup happy too.

After telling us that the computer will not be ready until next week, they sent an email this morning saying it was ready. We just came back with ... basically ... a brand new laptop. They even replaced part of the surround of the keyboard   that had cracked a while back. 
The Good News:
They said the hard drive was bad. Mal..muy mal ... so what do you do ? 
Replace it, Upgrade to Leopard and let the owner have it back, New , Improved and Free of charge.
We Heart Apple.
Now to figure out how this new thing works ...


  1. I'm sure they will save all the important stuff. By "they" I mean those young kids in the Apple store that speak a very peculiar language that I can not grasp while they look at customers over 30 years old and hope they will never be that old!!!! LOL!!!

  2. Ah pups and apples...only in moderation!


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