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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Mystery at the Funeral.

Today was a quiet day, nothing special but we did enjoy being out , taking a walk in the park, seeing a Military Funeral .. well, not that it was something one especially enjoys.. funerals.. but we were just walking with Pup , headed towards the pharmacy  and by the Our Lady of Pilar, next to Recoleta Cemetery, was a funeral.
                                                  photo from Buenos Aires Travel
We would not have stopped but for the very large Military band that was standing at attention.
We watched   with a small crowd, for a few minutes then the man at the front said something like Ten Hup ! and a man began to play Taps on a bugle.
Now here I am, in Argentina, listening to a bugler play Taps for a man I did not know and I struggled not to weep. I had to wipe the tears away before someone saw and thought I was completely insane.
Lest you think I was completely insane.. as a small child I lived near a large Military Base in Southern California and we went to parades and I am now, as a result, a sucker for men in uniforms making music.
And with the way things are in the world, seeing those young men standing there, hearing Taps played, the same Taps that too many people , mothers and wives and fathers and brothers have had to listen to and grieve... well, it made me grieve for them too.
Then it was over, the bugler played the Funeral Dirge and we left.

I just hope that the widow didn't see that strange blonde standing at the back of the crowd, weeping. 
Who was that woman ? she asked. Everyone shakes their head. Where did she come from ? she asks.
No one knows ... a Mystery at the Funeral.

Tomorrow we get to go do more legal paper work  to prepare for the final step in our Permanent Resident status. We have a piece of paper that says we are Permanent. But the ID book does not have that Stamp in it yet. They love to stamp things here so it is an Important stamp.

So tomorrow we see a nice lady who will legalize and certify and translate some papers that we might need...just in case ... you never know, you don't want to be caught without the paper etc.... 
We are trying to make sure nothing stops us from getting that Stamp !
(this is where I again have to give my husband credit for Everything ! He got us here in the first place with his diligence with the Papers that were needed, he is still doing it. I know he is going to be a Mighty Happy Man when this is final ..July 20-Big Day .
We will go to one of those great huge imposing Government buildings here and hopefully in an hour or so, we will be free to go play.
I was hoping for a trip to Chinatown but it will probably be too late.
So maybe we will just wander around downtown.  
Otherwise ... my health is returning quickly, I am strong! like Ox ! 
Pup seems to be frisky as ever although he was happy enough to lie on the floor by the bed like a shag rug while his mama gave him the Full Body Massage.
He went from Noble Standard Poodle to Limp Noodle in minutes.
His birthday is coming. . he and I discussed various ways to celebrate. No decisions were made, he was too relaxed to really pay that much attention to details. But keep June 21st open on your calendar.
Friends will be returning, they bought an apartment in an old French building and will finally be moving in furniture and decorating and all that fun ... it is always more fun when someone else is doing it. 
I can just offer all of my opinions, free of charge.. yeah, I am good that way, I give them away for free~
Soon  the weekend will be here  ! I am well ! I can be taken out to dinner or something .. 
Something maybe being a classical music concert .. more on that later.

Hope your week is going well.. any plans for the weekend? 


  1. Now about that mystery woman......

  2. Oooooooh I LOVE a mystery!!!

    glad your health is good. xoxoxox


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