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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Becoming Argentine ...

 You know how I said it was time for cool weather and I was ready for Fall or Winter?
It seemed like Summer started and never let up until just recently. 
We might have had Spring for a couple of days, then it was hot every day .. a loong summer! 
I would lie in bed at night with the a/c going and dream about cool fall days and leaves falling. 
Winter nights walking home from somewhere and smelling the wood smoke.
Well, here it is !

I don't want to go out at night, it is too cold, I whine.
I hate going out in the day time, it is too cold I whine.

The dog looks at me with that sad look, I grumble as I get my coat and trudge along, wrapped in scarves and boots and wool and trying to remember where I put my gloves.
But then we get to the park and stand in the sunshine and Pup is busy sniffing everything and I throw some bread down for the birds and it is not so bad after all  ! 
No mosquitoes ! that counts for something . 
I am not worrying so much about sunburn, that is good. 
I have a nice warm coat and some beautiful scarves, I should be happy with that .

But then night comes along and it is dark and cold out. 
Pup and my husband and I are warm and cozy inside, how can I venture out to a restaurant or concert ? 
I just want to snuggle in with them ! Have I become a hermit ? 
Am I becoming one of those Summer creatures who lives for warm sunshine ? 
I think they are also called Argentine .. when there is a bit of sunshine, you can see them sitting at the cafe, all pointed in the direction of the sun, faces up to the warmth .. soaking it in .. that's it, that is what has happened! 
I am becoming Argentine!
See you at the cafe !


                                                                          snrtobias photo

                                                        colin wetherbee photo
                                                                                  Biddingtons photo



  1. hello! must say your photo's looks so inviting to visit....back home in South Africa we are allso moving into winter with first snow on the mountains...we are not having much better weather here in France though-sans the snow...have a lovely day! Colette x

  2. Like to see pics of real life!! Thanks for sharing xx

  3. My favorite photo was that handsome Poodle boy. He is so elegant.

  4. Thank you ! Brocanteuse! I just read this morning that it is chilly and rainy in Paris.. that is no fun !

    Zaira, sometimes I have to pinch myself to believe that this is my real life :)

    Anony, Thank you .. lol... he is a Cafe Pup, for sure. Besos !


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