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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How is Life where you are ?

How is life where you are ?
Someone ( very sweet) recently asked. 
I thought about my answer ... just fine doesn't really do the job , oh, well, I have been sick is boring ... but .. How is Life Where I Am ... aha ... Good Question !

Life where I am is full of surprises, getting more comfortable as time goes by and we know our way around, more people, become familiar with getting along here and managing things in another language .
I think my biggest surprise is that over 3 years have gone by now and I am not ready to leave yet. Not for good. I would like to have a good Pupsitter and leave for a vacation or a car and a destination where he can come along too. But aside from that .. I like living here ! I like, no , I love the people here. They make it as good as it is.
I love the skies here... for the last few days we had heavy rain, thunder and flooding... miserable. But last night the sky began to clear and when I went to close the shutters late last night, the sky was once again, clear, dark and there was this sickle moon hanging over the building across the street and a few stars that were just a stones throw away.

We took a walk in the park today with Pup. I was enjoying walking slowly in the warm sun, getting some fresh air. Pup dashed over to the shade under the huge Ombu tree and there were his friends. The mounted police and their horses... Pup has no fear of horses. He thinks they are giant dogs, maybe? He just runs straight to them and if they lean down to say hello, he will reach up and bump his nose to theirs.
My heart melts every time. But today he was feeling frisky, he ran around the horse , I worried the horse would kick him, the police man moved the horse away and I called Pup and disaster was diverted.
We waved good bye to the (handsome) men and their Beautiful horses and went to another park .. horse free.. no worries about kicks in the head.

We went to a shop where they fax and scan papers.. the World Cup games were on. Everyone in line was watching the games. We went to the Produce market after our errands, buying huge avocados for a salad, the television up in the corner of the room was on, the games.. everyone was working and watching.. we watched while we waited.
I , who never watched Sports of any sort on television ( well, yes, the Olympics) now care if Brazil beats North Korea and enjoy   saying Vamos Argentina !! And I know who Rooney is and of course, everyone knows who Beckham is, even though he is not playing.
Me ! I know a football/futbol players name !  Tevez !
Life here is good in ways that one can't really spell out .. it is the ease of the day. 
Seeing how other people treat each other .. kindly, helpful, with a sense of humor. 
Living in a place where people kiss each other when they meet and when they say good-by, has to have an impact on you .. it just has to.

So I am content with living here. 
I miss my little family, I want them to come visit ... (live here too) but Life here?  I am happy. We are happy.

How is Life where you are ?


  1. Life where I live is good, very good I must add...but somehow there is something missing and when I read your post I know exactly what it is.

  2. Thanks for asking...Life is good here too...although like the previous poster I am thinking somethng is missing....October is a long way to go, but life is indeed great when one knows that this year they will have a little bit of Buenos Aires infect them...

    I hope too you get a good pupsitter, as I feel that your trip to Paris and NORMANDY (see I read the posts) is something you need to do.

    I want to add how lovely it is to read about a couple who respect and love each other...your union reminds me of my own parents..


  3. I commented on your other blog in more depth so here I'll just say that in's cold and rainy! I suppose it's good for unpacking so I won't complain to much. If it were sunny out I'd be hard pressed to stay in doors and look at boxes all day long.


  4. Thank you Anony !
    Nice & Easy, I am glad :)
    Ant .. Thank you so much ! What a nice thing to say ~
    24 Corners ! Hello, welcome ! I lived with the boxes here for months.. we were not quite finished with the renovations so we lived with workers and boxes much longer than I expected. Not something I want to do again.

  5. That kissing thing is amazing...I love it....
    Your blog post rang true to me last night as we watched the soccer match against Sth Korea and saw Maradona kiss and hug each of his players (except Carlos Tevez - who quickly rushed passed him) as they went down the tunnel to the pitch!

    Can't wait to get my greeting kisses and hugs when buying my coffee and Medialunas each morning in October!!

  6. Candice, the kissing comment etc...was from me - ANT. I must of forgot to add my name etc...


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