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Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday's Look at this Blog

This is today's Blog of Interest .. 

Little Emma English Home

We are having nothing but heavy rain with  more rain expected. I am staying in with my bark, err cough and staying warm and dry. 
Thank heavens I can do this because I have one of , if not The, Best  Husband in the World. 
He tells me to stand by with towels, arms himself with an umbrella and off he and Pup go, into the wind and rain and small rivers running along where gutters are supposed to be, leaping across lakes where corners are supposed to be and into the paved but also muddy park , where Pup has a good ole time, sniffing... what can they smell in  the wet? 
Checking out who has been there and what is going on around him and finally getting down to doing his own business.. Pup is a Water dog .. he loves getting wet. 
His hair (not fur) holds it and when my sodden husband returns, he has this Rastafarian looking thing standing there beside him .. dripping.. waiting to come in .. where Only after his mama has knelt on the floor in front of him with a towel, can he feel free to Shake it all off.

So there you have it .. we all end up getting wet when Pup takes  a rainy day  walk.
Not to mention the kitchen and many towels by the end of the day.

I find myself getting lost in the world of Blogs in Beautiful Places on days like this . 
Places where the sun is shining right now.

This blog is beautiful, charming, full of pretty Things and she takes you to places that are wonderful to read about and look at.

Today is Normandy .. oh la, I want to go !

So I hope you enjoy .. later you can tell me how you liked it all.
Later I will show you the photos I took today. 


  1. Can we please go to Normandy? Now, really.

  2. I really don't see why not .. I am actually surprised we are still here right now .. really :)

  3. I'm back! This month there will be less blogging because there is a lot of fútbol to watch...Vamos Argentina!!!! but I didn't want to miss too many posts about Buenos Aires...LOVE the pictures from the previous one. Hope the rain is over soon!

  4. Everywhere I go (blogwise!) it's raining! How can that be? And yet it is...


  5. Hello sweety! Thank you so much for talking about me!!! I would follow you in Normandy and lay on one of those chairs as well!! How is life where you live? A big hug form me xx

  6. Pearl, it stopped raining and the sun is shining again.. whining might have helped !

    Zaira, Life here is lovely. You inspired my next blog :)
    Un beso to you !


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