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Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Little Walk

I have had bronchitis and it has been raining heavily. So no walks for us the past couple of days. 
Of course, Pup gets his necessary walks, then he and my husband come home and dry off. 
My husband takes care of himself but Pup waits patiently, standing at the door, dripping, totally pitiful, droopy, dripping pup.
So I throw a towel over him and start rubbing and buffing and fluffing him back into some semblance of a dry, fluffy Pup again. Right now his hair is not too long so it is not a terrible job. Then when he is dry, he gets a brushing and he is his cute self again.
So needless to say, there were no walks and no photos taken.

But I thought I would share a walk we did take not long ago.. walking along a huge wide beautiful avenue named Libertador, to Palermo, another neighborhood with a little different atmosphere and a lot of tree lined streets and charm and the Zoo.

Walking along Libertador is fun also ( at least for my husband and I ) because we love the architecture, the lobbies of some of the buildings here are works of art and a lot of them have works of art on the walls ! and the doors ! Great huge carved doors with knobs or knockers that look like they came off a castle in Spain.Or France.  I am always tempted to whip out my camera and take a photo of the inside of one of the more spectacular lobbies .. but the doorman would not appreciate it I think. And then I consider taking a series of photos of Door Knockers. I think it would make a great Coffee Table Book ( this was My idea first ! )
Here is Libertador on a dry day ..
In Palermo, the streets are one or two laned and the buildings are old and interesting and there are more trees along the streets. It is a family neighborhood and is really pleasant with some nice big parks, the Botanical Gardens and the Zoo. Pup can't go to the Botanical Gardens, that is home to many many cats and no Pups allowed. Too bad, he does love cats. 
There are some great cafes and restaurants.  
Walking around downtown, you can have a picnic at lunchtime in front of Casa Rosada, Argentina's White House... except it is Pink ... they say the pink color is cow's blood mixed with the cement. I prefer to believe that is an old gaucho's tale and it is just paint.  A bit too Pepto Bismal pink for me but there you have it .. I am not a big lover of large pink houses.
The buildings downtown are great .. a wonderful mix of styles and character.
You will notice a typical Buenos Aires sky in the photos. Today is an off day, chilly and grey and damp.
Perfect for staying in and watching the World Cup games . 
Enjoy your day, tell me how you like the photos if you wish.


  1. Beautiful photos! I was always captivated by the concept of the Casa Rosada. There is an infamously pink house in Ann Arbor, a rental property right on campus that always looked nice in summer and odd in winter. But I digress. Thank you for the info on the areas of BA. It's beautiful to see it through your eyes, and you are obviously in love with much of the city. Which is how it should be!

  2. Oh what a lovely diversion. Between weather and uncontrolled shedding I am a prisoner. It was lovely of you to take me along!

  3. What an interesting place to live (or visit)! Blue skies, gorgeous architecture!


  4. Ok you have the idea of a coffee table book for Door Knockers and I have the idea of a coffee table book of the GLORIOUS DOORS and the vestibules of marble floors just inside them....I reckon we should combine our collective minds and start publishing....

    I promise not to include a Door Knocker!!!



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