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Saturday, June 12, 2010

A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day in London  town .... Buenos Aires !

If you are stuck inside anyway with , oh , I don't know, a cough? then it is fine .. it is actually a break from all the sunshine. 
Sunshine ! bah humbug, give me a nice gloomy grey day ! Once in a while. 
It sort of helps make a person ( me) appreciate the almost non-stop perfect weather we have here.
I never minded the rain in London. Actually, I hardly remember rain in London. We were always there in the late autumn and the weather was perfect, London was perfect... I miss London.

 Of course, a rainy day works better for some people than others... those who walk a dog a few times a day probably don't enjoy it that much .. and those who have a dog  whose hair holds water in all those little brown curls and bring it home with them , in order to shake it off in the kitchen , soaking the person waiting with a towel, probably don't love it that much ... all the time.

I don't remember it raining in Paris when we were there, every autumn for years, even in March. It was cold and windy but there was no rain.
Of course, we were inside museums and cafes and shops and restaurants and museums and shops but we did walk everywhere, I don't remember rain ..

I doubt I would whine much about rain if I lived in London or France and  right now I am definitely
not complaining about the rain today. 
There is a Futbol game to watch .. being played in Sunny  South Africa. 
 ¡ Vamos Argentina !


  1. Scary thunderstorms in Pinnacle just now...give me a sunny London afternoon!!!! Thanks for the links, they were lovely.

  2. Glad you liked them !
    I (heart) Annie Lennox and Johnny Hallyday .. I need to see some new French movies.
    Wishing you a Sunny Dry Sunday!

  3. I remember rain every day in Paris in March but never the whole day. it was still wonderful.


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