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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blogging .. etc

Oh Boy, am I in trouble !
My sweet daughter has just shared one of her favorite blogs with me, after I have sent her more than she probably wants to see .. Of course, the ones she sends me are each a work of art.. and from places that I must visit .. like next month !

This is the new one .. everything is so beautiful.

Belgian Pearls 

When I grow up I want to be a European Interior Designer and live in a fabulous house.

But in the meantime, I will study  every  blog  and learn to do mine better and I will wow you one day with the Fabulous photos that I post, of my 18th Century Semi-Piso in Buenos Aires..
(sounds better when I describe it that way, doesn't it?)

Today is cold. Not just chilly but cold !! The Argentines are wondering ... what the ---- ?
I don't think they they do cold that much or like it. 
They are much happier out in the sun, tanning their tans, warming their blood. The outdoor cafes are deserted, all but the most hardy people ( usually older men with their pals having drinks and heated discussions over something ) .. which leads me to wondering.. what is it that they all talk about .. 

Polo? they are handsome and prosperous, they could be Polo players or just own a few "ponies" .. 
Futbol ? everyone is interested in soccer here, especially right now..  2 words .. World Cup.
The price of maté??
As soon as I have mastered the language ( yes, this is a joke.. by that day my hearing will be gone from old age) I will be able to eavesdrop on all conversations and figure out what is going on around me.
Until then, I will just pretend I have a clue.

Now the dog needs feeding... he is lying here under his blanket... but I can feel his eyes boring into my back.
Then my husband will walk him and I will go search for something to wear and we will go out and gather stories for me to tell you about a Day in My life in Buenos Aires... how does that sound?


  1. Argentinian men talk about 3 things:
    Politics, Soccer and Women (the order changes depending on their age) and if you ask them why they will say:
    Is there anything else out there??? LOL!!!
    Stay warm and have some chocolate con churros for me!!

  2. Belgian Pearls gives new meaning to the word "outhouse." I am sick with envy.


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