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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Walkin' and Lookin'

I thought you might enjoy seeing some photos of where we wandered today with Pup.
After having a fit over not having anything to wear, I didn't have the energy to actually shop but we did do some looking and walking and looking.

Pup enjoyed it so that is all that matters, right ? although I think his favorite part was when I let him loose in the park and he got to sniff every ... really every single one ... blade of grass in the park.
It is not a small park.
We watched a little street dog run down to   busy Libertador, which is a wide Avenue but also similar to , oh , I don't know .... the Indy 500 ?
I was way up on the hill so could not have done anything to stop him or save him , but thankfully, he knew what he was about.
He got to the curb, there were no people about ... and sat. 
The traffic stopped at the light - he crossed.
I found it very difficult to leave the park and go home before that little dog found it's way back across the street into the park and neighborhood again.

Homeless dogs here break my heart , even though the people here are amazingly kind and patient with them.
My neighbors mother has a house in the country , she has 7 dogs.
That would be me. 
I would take all the little homeless, alone and unloved  dogs out to my home where they could safely run and play and be fed and have a warm spot at night. 
I have to give this living in the country idea  more thought .. 

We wandered along Avenida Alvear. 
One of the most beautiful streets in the city. 
In my neighborhood, where there are many very nice homes and hotels and buildings, as well as parks  and Shopping. Yes, there is Good shopping in my neighborhood.

So here are some photos of the area, you will see the best hotels are here... not to mention most expensive and the architecture is wonderful.
In my next life, I might just live in a hotel. It would make things so much easier... don't you think?

The Alvear Hotel

Inside the Alvear... where we have been known to spend a few hours, listening to pretty music and having drinks in the Lobby Bar ... at "our" spot in the corner ( a  sofa facing the room so we can people watch ) while having the Best Bloody Mary in town.
And then there is the Hyatt ... this is where I would stay .. this is where I would live .. 
This is the back view .. did you say something ? What was that ? You want to live there too? See the umbrellas, you can have tea out there if you wish, even if you don't stay there. It is very nice.
Across the street you can do a little shopping ...
And I  have no idea what this place is , I have been told it is a private home.. I do know they have a German Shepherd that could eat your car for breakfast ... thank goodness for those sturdy iron gates .. I so want to go inside that house..
This is the park where we  walked and watched the street dog and watched  Pup sniff the grass. 
As you can see in the photo, he had a lot of grass to sniff.
It is cold, we are staying in tonight, I am making lists .. you know, What I Need to Buy .. where we need to go.
I think Palermo is a good idea, tomorrow... maƱana ~


  1. I will keep the bloody mary tip in mind!


  2. Such beautiful places and such a clear sky!

  3. I bet we crossed each other last November when we were there. Our apartment was 2 blocks from the Alvear, 1 block from the Village. That's the area we are looking to move to. We might end up being neighbors!

  4. Beautiful part of the world!


  5. Those hotels are gorgeous. And the lobby at the Alvear - SWOON! How dreamy. Thanks for posting these - a wee bit of sunny travel on a cloudy day.

  6. It was my champagne lunch at the Alvear which remains a most treasured memory of Buenos Aires, so enchanting. Thank you for the lovely reminder.

  7. That glorious house is across the road and up a bit from the Armani store right? How about we gate crash it in October when I am there, surely they will let us in...maybe we could ask the policeman who usually stands on the corner for some more details...
    Those umbrellas have me thinking that some HIGH TEA one afternoon after just eye shopping at Armani has to be on the list!



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