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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Friday, June 18, 2010


I remember when Fridays were the best thing .. weekends, staying out late at night,  sleeping late in the mornings, hardly any work and almost all play.
When the children were in school it was great, then when it was just the two of us, it was great ... we would go away for weekends, we would decide where to go and what we wanted to do on the weekend.. not wanting to miss a minute of freedom , just  two of us and not having to work.

I loved Sundays, brunch somewhere, usually in Soho, a favorite little restaurant on Prince Street where we would have delicious food and always end up talking about a Trip .. 
Traveling ... one thing led to another and we almost always decided to go to Europe . 
We would try to decide if we would not rather spend a month at the beach in August, which was always heaven ... but then Paris for 10 days? London ? 
It never really seemed to be a hard choice.
Then there were those couple of years where we did both .. beach and Paris. Good memories.. 

Now we are living here in Buenos Aires. 
I notice on Friday, traffic is heavier, more horns honking, the roads leading out of town are more jammed than the others .. taking off to the countryside from the city.
Out to the Campo with the kids, the dogs, the bags of groceries for a big Asado on Sunday. 
And here we sit. 
We don't have a campo. 
We don't have a car ! Everything is hours away, so I am not too sad not to rent a car and go exploring. 
I have this vague fear of getting lost and not finding our way back .. ever.

But we do have this city.
It is huge, spread out, there are dozens of parks, a huge Dock area with boats and marina and restaurants and a huge Ecological Reserve.
There are neighborhoods with antique shops for blocks and blocks, cafes that have stood there for 100 years , cobblestone streets, music wherever you go and then there are the museums... 100 or so.

There are so many restaurants, we will never eat in them all.
There are so many shops, I need to shop in at least some of them ... or more.

There are the free concerts, the Art Shows, the dance.

If everyone is feeling well, I think a tiny bit of shopping and some Classical Music and maybe a dinner or lunch somewhere new .. we will see .. that is the great thing about Weekends .. you can do whatever you feel like doing .. or not.

Chau , Feliz Fin de semana ! 


  1. Candice, I promise we will treat you guys to an asado (not campo, but 30 minutes from Recoleta!)when we get there...and of course you can bring Pup!

  2. Thank you !
    We have cousins who live here and we enjoy asado at their house ! Since we don't eat red meat, our asado dining is a bit restricted for most people here :)
    I want the house in the country where I can make my own .... she says with a sulky attitude.


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