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Monday, June 7, 2010

Café ! Café!

If for no other reason, watch this for the music. We have a man in our 
neighborhood who goes around with his cart and a lot of thermoses, 
bringing coffee ? mate? to offices 
and people around the neighborhood. I wish this music played 
whenever I see him ..

I found this video from yanqui mike's blog ..  
You should go check it out, he has good info all the time.

Speaking of coffee... I am having my afternoon tea.
No scone today, cashews instead. We buy the most delicious 
lightly salted toasted cashews from our "boys" down the block .. 
the produce market. I hope cashews are good for you, 
I eat them almost every day ..

When we arrived here, I went through a sudden 
caffeine deficiency. I hated the strong coffee in all the cafes, 
I was not happy with the taste of warm milk in my coffee and 
the coffee maker in the apartment we rented ,made the coffee  
taste like hot plastic. Horrid.
But then we would go to Freddo, where they serve croissants with coffee 
that tastes delicious and they give
you a little taste of Todays Helado (ice cream) with it.
My favorite was chocolate mocha with my coffee .. it got me through those 
first weeks in Buenos Aires quite nicely.
We finally found a decent coffee maker ( Carrefours) that does not give us 
a plastic taste and it even keeps the coffee hot for hours.

Now I order my cafe con leche and don't even notice if the milk is steamed. 
I sometimes get a cortado which is espresso with a dash of steamed milk on 
top ( to cut the coffee ) and I learned how to ask for
coffee with cold milk on the side .. cafe con leche frio aparte... 
See, I told you I speak Menu.

I still can't drink coffee in the late afternoon or evening, 
I will be zooming around the house at 3 am .. but
everywhere you look, around 5 and 6 and later, 
people will be sitting in cafes drinking a small cup of
pitch black coffee... it keeps them awake until dinner..

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  1. As a serious coffee and tea drinker, your whole routine sounds LOVELY.



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