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Saturday, May 1, 2010


  Rodrigo and Gabriel

I listen to them obsessively.
( yes, I confess, I tend to obsess.. obsessively)

And then there is    Narcotango ...  is this sexy or what ? 

Tanghetto ... moody, sexy ...

How about this , Bajofondo 

Otros Aires .... the first CD we bought here ..

I don't even have to be able to Tango .. I do my own sort of dancing to this music.
It's allowed ! Pup enjoys it .. especially the part where I finally run out of steam and fall on the bed..

Tell me how you liked the music .. did you dance ? did you bounce around in your seat just a little ?



  1. I have heard all of these before....but forgot the Sin Rumbo one that I love....Will reluctantly tell you that yes I danced (all by myself with CAT looking up at Dad - thinking "he has finally gone crazy") my version of Tango...Ant

  2. I love la does reach your soul!


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