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Alan Cohen
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

So Today was May Day

You can always tell when it is a holiday. 
It is quiet in the morning. 
There is no sound of traffic, the neighbors aren't thumping or bumping around and I couldn't hear the Porter raking the courtyard. 
Although this new Porter does everything so early, he might creep out there in the dead of night and do the raking/sweeping.
Every morning our brass door handles and light switches and everything else brass in the building is shining bright and clean. The floors are mirror shiny clean and the sidewalk in front of the building is clean and damp from his washing. But I have never actually seen him do anything. 
Hmmmm... This might be one of those mysteries that would require me to stay up all night and creep around the building, to see if I can catch him, doing his job. 
But so far, nothing really makes me want to not be in my warm soft bed in Sleepy Land.

Sleepy Land has been hard to get to lately. 
And when I get there, I often have to leave way too early or I have to leave and go back, then leave and go back .. after a while, I can't get back there. 
Which leaves me lying in the nice soft bed and plotting the death ( in only the most gruesome ways) of the noisy neighbor, the honking driver, the kids upstairs visiting their father, the child downstairs who is obviously related to Damien. ( see The Omen)

So today is a Holiday ( thought I forgot, didn't you?)
May 1st. Workers unite and all that.
No one moved. 
Even Pup lolled around like a limp poodle.

We got ourselves moving around noon and grabbing up the leash, took off on what turned out to be one of our "short strolls  ", that turns into a miles long, hours long walk..
We walked down to the Feria , where all the Hippies gather each weekend to sell their wares. 
Some of them are mighty fine and some of them are what you would expect if I told you we had a Hippy Fair in the park.
We walked by as they were still setting up, not too crowded, Pup was able to walk without being stopped every foot for someone to 
1- take his photo 
2- pet him 
3- ask me what kind of dog ? that big ?? May I take his photo?

Stopping off at a nice pharmacy that carries L'Occitane, we picked up a bar of Lavender Soap and continued on our way. 
After that it is all a blur.. we walked on streets we like, stopping to look in the windows of Real Estate offices because we are Gluttons for Punishment and like to look at Other Apartments.

Looking in windows of shops that sell hand- knitted sweaters and scarves and things that look like spiders are in the back working day and night, making cobweb yarn . I have to go to these places when they are open!
And when we were tired, we stopped at the French Embassy at the end of 9 de Julio where we looked up the street, there is the Obelisk .
How odd it looks, buildings on either side, blue blue sky overhead and this huge white Obelisk.
Planes had flown over earlier and done that colored smoke trick .. we saw them practicing yesterday, we missed the show today.
After sitting in the shade and gathering our energy, we all wandered slowly back home.

A few hours after coming back home, after Pup had his dinner, we walked to the park.
And walked around the park.
And walked home.

And anyone wonders why I am tired?

But that's OK . .  . I will be in Sleepy Land in a few hours. 
Tomorrow .... Chinatown, maybe. .. Belgrano and my favorite tea , maybe.

Oh and Happy May Day !

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  1. Love the art with this! And I had difficulty sleeping last night also. I think it might have been do to with being too warm. I turned the air-conditioning on, and I changed nightgowns, but by the time I got back to sleep at 6, I'd been awake for about 4 hours. So you have my complete and utter sympathy, empathy, and understanding.


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