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Friday, April 16, 2010

Where is the Chicken and Other stories....

We are having company for dinner.
The family has arrived !

I don't want to be stuck cooking and cleaning up while they are all in the living room having fun.
Last night my husband went to the market and bought a fresh rotisserie chicken, a very fat, juicy, pretty bird. It was in the fridge over night.
This morning I took it out to sit ... room temperature chicken will be good with the potatoes and salad and empanadas.

Tonight that lovely husband bought all sorts of flowers and as I was putting them around the house, I remembered the chicken ... where is it ?
It isn't in the fridge.
It isn't in the microwave.
It isn't in the oven.
It is not on the counter, in the freezer, under the sink, hiding in a bowl, lurking behind the canned goods in the pantry.
It isn't even on top of the fridge.
It isn't even in the linen closet.

It is gone.

My chicken has disappeared.

I lost the chicken.

My husband has gone to the store, to find a new chicken.

I will never rest until I figure out where the chicken went.

The housekeeper is not answering the phone.
I hate to think she took the chicken but who would throw away a big fat roast chicken still in it's roast chicken container?

There has to be a reason for this.

So we walked to the hotel to meet our family .. they were waiting in the lobby. We had the dog with us, he was so excited, he knew Something was up.
My sister in law,    saw him, she was smiling and looking at us and walked right into the plate glass window.
The window and the sister in law seem to have no cracks or dents but I did worry for a minute there.

We walked to our apartment, past all the couples sitting on the park benches, snuggling and otherwise occupied. In Buenos Aires, it takes very little to make a romantic moment happen, just give someone a park bench or who needs to sit down, just stand there, by the wall, give me a kiss !

Dinner worked out pretty well for being an emergency meal. My husband happens to be the worlds foremost perfect mashed potatoes maker, so that was guaranteed to be good. I put the chicken on a platter  , the empanadas on a plate and called it Dinner.

We talked about this and that and what to do during the visit.
I love that my nephew in law .. D, is so easy going and whatever we think is good, is good to him too.
And of course, Pup is head over heels in love with him because he played Try To Steal My Bone ..
As I type, he ( Pup, not D) is sleeping nearby, contented, with his bone lying close by.

Tomorrow we will go to Palermo and Cafe Hop, Shop, Have a Drink, Shop, Lunch, Shop ...
I think they will enjoy it, my sister in law, is known to do a bit of shopping and my husband and D will no doubt find something to entertain them too.
There is so much to do and see, I think they will love their first full day in Buenos Aires.
Dinner tomorrow night will be in a restaurant , worry free for lost chicken is enough.

Did I mention that the weather is perfect ?
Bright blue skies and a light breeze today turned to dark clear skies with a gazillion stars tonight.
Tomorrow will be beautiful.


  1. Oh dear! I do hope you find the chicken! Maybe the housekeeper was hungry??? Please let us know what happened to the chicken! I'm serious, this will be a mystery I want solved.

  2. The housekeeper is tiny, the chicken was probably bigger. I can't believe she took it. No one is answering the phone. Perhaps they took the chicken and ran ?

    Mystery to be solved eventually .....

  3. Could the dog have eaten the chicken? Ask Aunt Dimity. Maybe she knows. Mount Vernon

  4. The dog did not eat the chicken. I made him sign an affidavit.
    I most certainly will put a call in to Aunt Dimity and see what she has to say about this whole business... if anyone can solve a mystery, it is our Aunt Dimity.
    I hope Spring has sprung in Mount Vernon.


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