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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fall is in the Air

Sing that to Love is in the Air ..
For 2 days, we had heavy rains, wind, no one went out unless they absolutely had too.
That would be the man with the dog who left his wife home and dry and waiting with towels while working in the closet.

But this morning began with clouds and wind and that crisp feeling that means Fall is almost here.
The leaves have been falling, today they were blowing around, most  Autumn -like.
I have said this before, but I love Autumn. I love the leaves on the ground, the scent of the wet ground and leaves, there is usually a breeze and maybe clouds and it just adds to the moodiness of Autumn. I am a moody person, I am an Aries, I think that has something to do with moods , therefore .. moody Autumn makes me happy.

I love the evenings when we have to wear sweaters or jackets to take a walk, no more just grabbing the keys and the doggie and going .. now it requires, warm clothes .. The evenings here in cold weather smell different. . the woodsmoke from the parrillas, the crispness of living at the bottom of the world where the air is mostly really clean.

The stars shine brighter here, they are closer , aren't they. There are also more of them down here, no, really, there are more stars in the Southern Hemisphere skies than, say, oh, I don't know, New Jersey skies ... even more than Oregon skies and they have a lot ! Really !

And the moon. Well, I just have to say that it is closer and therefore bigger here. Really.
                                              Antarctic Night - Portable Network Graphics 

So we like taking the dog and just wandering at night, the snoopy part of the threesome likes to look in the windows of apartments we pass, see how they decorate, how the "locals" live .. which is always a little different from the way it looks at our house.
But I am catching on .. with the help of some great huge books about Argentine decorating and my beloved Paris Interiors and Provencal design.. my house looks pretty good so far.
But we are too high up for any passing stroller to glance in the window and see how we make our home, homey.
I love the way they use color here. We were in our neighbors apartment today.
The tile on the kitchen wall was this deep blue. The walls in the study were this amazing mustard, the living room is coral and it all looks fantastic and so foreign ..
I wish I could go on a house tour and see inside more homes.
But for now, I will just peek in windows as we pass.

All summer, a good walk at night had a destination. The ice cream shop.
Now it might get too cold. We can't go inside to a cafe, with the dog, so we will have to think of a new destination .. or perhaps, we can go to Freddo where there are tables and benches outside and Pup and I can sit and wait while my husband picks up the ice cream and we can bring it home , and huddle  in the warmth of our kitchen over some fall and winter ice cream.

I will take photos. I will show you how similar and different it can be here in the Fall.


  1. Fascinating to discover your blog, and an area of the world I know nothing about, I'm ashamed to say. I'll visit again.

  2. Beautiful sensual post. I still can't wrap my mind around how it is spring here and autumn there. Enjoy that scent of woodsmoke.

  3. Of all the seasons, I think I love autumn best. Not only is it usually visually stunning and has delightful weather, but it is consistently just a nice time. (I live in the northern hemisphere and enjoy Halloween and Thanksgiving.) Although I am captivated by miracles of Spring, how much I like spring often depends on how rough the preceding winter had been. I am glad you are enjoying autumn. It has been very spring-y here, and even summery one day this week. Unfortunately today we are veering backward to winter. Well, eventually we'll get back into spring--I hope!


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