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Saturday, April 17, 2010


I have obviously gotten to be a slothful person. A slow starter. A lazy bones, slugabed. 
I had to be up and ready to leave the house at 11 am .. It almost killed me. 

I was unable to have my 4 cups of coffee, properly over- sugared and a long time spent drying long hair that mocks me because no matter how much time I put into it, it just lays there looking like the same old hair I had before I washed it. 

I did get to play with some of the new make- up and scent that was hand delivered by a lovely sister in law. I had a shopping spree online with Sephora
What did we do without Sephora and the internet ? 
How did people in far off lands, get their favorite mascara and blush ? 
And I like it that I can order  the blush from Nars and get it in the shade called Orgasm and not have to feel like a jerk when I ask for it.
Ah, I'll have the Orgasm please.. and some of that lipstick.
I ordered Chanel Body Lotion and I think I like it. I have to remind myself to stop smelling my arm .. I know it looks odd but I have to be sure I like it !

So we met the family at the hotel and walked through the Recoleta "hippie feria" .. this is great fun for visitors and locals. 
Colorful .. the people, the look of the whole place  and the little things that go on and happen during the day. A small band sets up and plays Dixieland Jazz... just in case you are suffering a bit of jet lag and forget where you are... Oh, I am in Buenos Aires, of course they play Dixieland Jazz. But then there is a man from Peru with those pipes and they sound haunting and beautiful.

I do my best to impress the family with my Spanish .. it is not so impressive as it is comical but hey, if they are not in awe of me, they can at least have a good laugh.
Although, funnily enough, I did have a nice perfectly understood by both parties, discussion with a lady about dogs. And how sweet they are and that they are our bebes... si, my perro es mi bebe.

He ( mi perro) was at home napping at that time. He has been a bit depressed, we left him home. . he had to miss some fun. I will be making this up to him for weeks, believe me.

My sister in law is an excellent shopper. She got a bag, fine Argentine leather with woven carpet sort of fabric, a silver and amethyst ring and a pin ( just like the one I bought .. hey, I could not let her totally out-do me in the shopping arena !) 
I want to go back and get some woven scarf/shawls for this winter. 
The ladies sit at their stalls knitting away, beautiful gossamer shawls, warm fat soft colorful scarves.

We walked miles again through the parks, saying hello to the statue of Evita at her Memorial, laughing at the idea of me ( the bookworm)  living so close to a huge (odd looking ) library  and not being able to get a book out because I can't read Spanish that well, and then stopping at an outdoor cafe for pizza.

Then we went by the house, picked up Pup and walked them home.
Family is taking a nap.
Pup is taking a nap.
Husband is taking a nap.
I am sitting here with a cup of tea and thinking about tomorrow.

We are visiting the cousins. 
This will be one of those occasions where everyone is so full of joy that you have to cry.
 Seeing members of a family who have not seen each other in around 30 years, finally seeing each other again.
 One was a woman, now elderly, one was a young boy, now in his 50's, my husband and I are the newly found cousins .. 
Pup is invited, I think I will have to bring him, he is good for me to hold and weep and no one notices.

We will all sit around and talk and they will bring out the photo albums that will amaze everyone and there will be much laughing and chattering and drinking of good wine and eating good food.

It will be so lovely and one of those days, that I already know that I must imprint each moment in my brain,  so it will always be there, clear for me to take out and look at and remember how it all was that day and how we all looked and how happy we all were.

Tea is cold, Pup needs snuggling ....


  1. Sounds like a perfect introduction to BsAs...and shopping, too!

  2. I dreamed you showed up at my house channeling Charro and your hair was down to your waist and just a lion's mane of this crazy reddish hair and you said "I am your friend from you know, Notes from A Broad" And you brought me a dress. It was so damn funny!

  3. Well, let me see... I am blonde and I can't tango .but I will be your friend ... how did the dress look on you ? :)

  4. A son faraway would say,"If you took off the sun glasses you would see the window."
    Greetings from Bronxville New York.
    Glad you arrived ok. To all have a great time.Life is a journey enjoy the ride.

  5. ls and ws should come visit too ... the more the merrier !
    Muchas besos to you both ..


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