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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Nothing, absolutely nothing

We ran errands today, otherwise, we did nothing.

Not counting walks with Pup.

And some laundry.

And some errands and a quick trip  to buy more coffee.

Not counting the fit I threw when I found more wet spots on the laundry room ceiling.
The same ceiling that was leaking water at a rapid rate when we moved in , which  was supposedly from a pipe that was fixed ( arriba) .. so where is this water coming from?
I don't know but I want that plumber here and Pronto !

Then there was the fit when the Administrator said that she did not read my email because she cannot read English.
Except I wrote to her in EspaƱol .. meaning she never opened the email when she saw my name? What about the word agua that was in the subject line?  Wasn't that at least a Clue?

I did make a very good pasta dinner though.
It was nice to just make a nice mess in the kitchen and cook what we like and sit in the kitchen and enjoy a nice dinner at home.
My Pasta dinner
I used fresh tomatoes and greek olives and no bacon. Otherwise, it was exactly the same ..

Tomorrow we are going to the Zoo.

Then I will have something to talk about... other than my lousy Spanish and the loser administrator and my pipes.

I will also tell you about the nice plumber, who when trying to explain something to me ( something plumber-ish), he will put his finger up, ( uno momento) and whip out the iPhone and call someone, speak to them a million words a second, then hand the phone to me.

I say Hola ... and a man starts explaining to me ( in English)  what the plumber is trying to tell me   is wrong with the pipes.
And what he wants or needs to do to fix them.
Then I hand the phone back to the plumber, he chats a minute then hangs up.

Then he says, that is my friend, he lives in Connecticut.

Tell me you have a plumber who will call the US/Another Country  to get someone to speak English/Whatever language ,  when they don't know the right word ...
I sort of  don't care if he is a good plumber or not ..

So we will go to the Zoo and I will take photos and a fun time will be had by all.

All except one Pup who will be dramatically sad and despondent when he realizes that we are not taking him with us.
Is there a face sadder than a dogs when they realize that you are going Bye Bye but they aren't??

Maybe if I come home smelling like an elephant or a monkey, he will be 1- glad he stayed home 2-devastated that he didn't get to go too ...
I will be sure to keep a good distance from those animals.. only feeding the birds or small gekkos or whatever it is that they allow to wander the zoo free.
What can it be? what kind of animal is safe and ok to walk around loose in a zoo? besides a duck.

The Japanese Gardens has ducks. And Koi.
The Koi look big enough to drag you under and drown you and the ducks might gang up and eat you alive but what kind of animal can the Zoo have walking around loose?

I have to go just to find that out.

If it is a little mouse or rabbit-y sort of creature, I will be sooo disappointed.

It might be fun to see some slobbering and drooling great creature that lumbers around like a bear but loves humans.. at least it would make for a good Blog post.

So, that was my day of Nothing.

        This is the guard cat in the Japanese Gardens. He makes sure Nothing Funny goes on.

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  1. Sounds like it was a very good day!
    Have fun at the zoo!


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