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Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's All Happening At The Zoo

The Buenos Aires Zoological Park is pretty nice! 
They seem to have done their best to provide adequate 
room and comfort for the creatures living there. 
Some look happier than others but that might just be me, 
I have become less of a fan of zoos,  
although I realize that they are at least alive and safe here. 
But we won't get into the politics and ethics of zoos here.

We spent a very nice afternoon, hanging out with 
the Elephants and Rhinos and Bears.
The Monkeys looked a bit too bored 
and the Polar Bear was napping in the shade,
but everyone else looks busy ...

The old buildings that house the animals are wonderful, 
at least from the outside.

Birds and small creatures walked around loose. 
You could feed them special zoo food but I didn't buy any.
I had this mental picture of being mobbed by hungry mongooses 
or something that looks half rabbit and half deer.

They seem to be thriving at the zoo, there were many baby animals with the adults.

There was a Flamingo Island and a Rain Forest and an Aviary. 
Condors and Llamas and Mandrills and 
Lions and (white) Tigers and Bears.

It was definitely worth visiting and next time I will be sure the battery is not dead in my camera.
Thanks ever so much !! to my husband, the man who saves the day ... He took all of these photos.

Mas fotos !

Black and white goats..  

A Beautiful Lady Statue ( yes, I named it)

Peacocks looking for the Men's Room

I hope he is bored and not depressed .

Another statue of a Happy Man
( notice he is drinking)

A face only a Mama Llama could love

A Dromedary Camel .. 2 humps.. cool ...

I will stop now ... or at least for a while ...


  1. My last time at the BA Zoo was probably 30 years ago...yikes! did I just say 30????????? Yikes again!!!
    I hope they worked on it since then, I want my American Friends to keep thinking that BA is wonderful!!!
    Con todo cariño,

  2. So did Pup notice you were both cavorting with other animals...I am sure Pup thought...hmmm where have they been today? The Old buildings are magical....Ant

  3. Marcela, nosotros muy contentos...
    un beso

    Yes, he know... right away .. gracias :)

  4. I loved the music and the inmates at the zoo pictures! They were 'awesome'

  5. I loved the animal pictures. They reminded me of all the fun I had at the Bronx Zoo as a kid but I never saw a half rabbit/half deer or such beautiful statues. Mount Vernon

  6. My husband was reminded of the Bronx Zoo also !
    We spoke of it as we walked around, especially when we saw the elephants and the Polar Bear.


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