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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hello Goodbye

My sister -in- law and nephew have flown home. 
Or they are flying home at this point. 
It is a long trip, about 10 - 11 hours. And not in Business Class. 
Which adds about 5 hours to the flight, in pain and mental anguish time.
We had a great visit, even with Immigrations butting in and getting me up at 5 am and making me dopey with exhaustion by dinner time.  

I felt bad for our nephew that we didn't go out as much later at night, but the sight of his aunt- in- law sleeping on the table in a club or at a bar would not have enhanced his visit, in my humble opinion.
So we walked and shopped and ate and drank and saw the sights and visited and my husband and I both feel fulfilled by the treat of seeing them. 
Especially since it was a sort of surprise visit ! 
An email saying I thought I would come visit and bring mom ... wow... how many people, living in another country, feeling homesick from time to time, especially missing the family, get to hear that ? 
We owe him a huge thanks and since we have always loved him, it was a real treat to get to see him here.

Pup is wondering why we are home with him now, isn't there somewhere we need to go ? 
How come Mama is lying on the bed ( that she allowed me to get up on with my toy ) , whispering things in my ear? 
Why don't they stick to a schedule and stop confusing me ??

Tomorrow we go back to the old schedule. 
Fall is here, trees are changing faster now, leaves are falling in the parks, nights are cool and crisp. 
Time to get out the cozy sweaters and take long walks after dinner, I love this time of year. 
I will start cooking now, soups and casseroles and things like chicken with tomatoes and gnocchi .. 
I am going to see if I can learn some Argentine dishes , I know how to make empanadas, but I am thinking of things like Calabasas puree. 
Maybe something for dessert, although the desserts here are not spectacular, I might blend a touch of French dessert making with the Argentine way. 
You know, a dash of cognac and some chocolate can't hurt ..

Tonight's dessert was OK .. Crepes with Nutella. Nothing wrong with that .

So I am thinking, we never got to the Zoo and while my sis in law said, I have seen plenty of Zoo's .. I think I might visit ours, take a lot of photos and send them to her. 
Take her with us in a sense.
Like that idea ? I do . I will, of course, share them here too.

Let's just hope, that since there are many zoo animals walking around loose, you won't see a photo of one of the elephants, with something sticking out from under his foot, something with blonde hair.

I also have to do some filling in of spaces in the Winter Wardrobe. 
I have magazines with the European fashions.. they sell that sort of thing here.. Fashion here is based on the European shows so we get all the latest in trendy trends here. 

I have to go do some Fashion studies and figure out what I Need and Must Have .. Boots.. needless to say.
Did I tell you I got a new bag  ? Large,  black leather .. strap that can be worn across the body, 2 pockets on the outside, my sis -in- law called it a Saddle bag .. she is right, a very fashionable saddle bag ..
And if I wear my jodhpurs and riding boots and walk down the street .. a horse will come running after me, expecting me to hop on ! 
Pup would be thrilled.

I hope their flight is comfortable.
I hope they email as soon as they land.
I hope they come back soon.
I hope they know how much this meant to us.


Nephew emailed .. they landed this morning..Safe and sound.
I imagine they are napping a bit today.
We miss them..


  1. Of course they know it...and they miss you too!

  2. It is sad when relatives leave...I feel your pain...but just think YOU ARE PERMANENT and it was lovely that they were there to share the occasion with you....

    That pic of PUP is SO CUTE....Ant

  3. I bet it was very cool having visitors when you are so far from home. And it just boggles my mind to think about it being fall somewhere right.

  4. I know they had a great time. You expressed the joy and sadness very well.


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