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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Having to say Good Bye

Today the family goes back home to NY.
It will be very quiet around here .. we will miss them.
We missed them when we left NY and   we missed them when we left the US and now we will miss them again when they leave us .
This is the   part of living in South America that I find difficult...

< well, that and the fact that I no longer have my little black sports car that took us to cities and states far and wide, was just the right size for people and a Poodle and it never complained and always looked good.
That last part is something that I try to emulate, but I never manage to do it as well as our car did ... yes, I named the car too . 
Having a car meant that we could say goodbye then come back and say hello ... much easier than now.>

Last night we went to one of our favorite Parrillas, Hermanns.
It is located in Palermo across the street from the Botanical Gardens and the place is just great.
The waiters   never write anything down, they bring it to the table pretty quickly , piping hot and delicious and always so much more than you expected !

Where do they find fish that big down here ?? I ordered Merluza and it came to the table on 2 plates !! ( was I mistaken, does Merluza mean whale?)

There was soup with an egg in it that you stir around and it thickens the broth and it is heavy with the flavor of garlic and tomato and good things.
There was herring in cream sauce and ravioli and steak con mushrooms and chicken provencal ..
I waddled out of there a couple of hours later and was happy that we caught a mini-cab back to Recoleta, I have a feeling we might not have fit in a traditional taxi last night.

Of course, no night out is complete unless Someone gets their ice cream so a stop at Freddo was made.
It was cold last night. I didn't have ice cream but everyone else did and I am glad that their last dinner here was good and topped off with some good Helado.
If nothing else does the trick, they will want to come back for more ice cream!

I enjoyed having company and of course, it was even better being family.
It was fun to show people around Our hometown.
I got a great kick out of being able to translate ... I think a few taxi drivers got a kick out of that too ( they have such a good sense of humor, these people here - how can you not love them )

And now it is back to just the three of us.
Pup will get more walks again. He will sit on the sofa with us and watch television.
But he  loves them too and  he will miss the family.

So today we will spend some time being sure that the memories are locked in tight and say good bye til next time.

This is the part of traveling that I really don't like .... Having to say Good Bye.

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  1. Have you tried Persicco ice cream yet? I think way better than Freddo.

    Merluza is Hake.

    Fred in Recoleta


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