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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Day 2 ... I wanna be Permanent ..

Today we arrived at Immigrations early and with everything they asked for , in a a little brochure they gave us.
We were # 30 .. time went by fairly quickly, or maybe it was just because I was still half asleep.
The place has been renovated so it was not quite as depressing as before, more white and more windows clean enough to let light in, so that helped the experience.

But I still felt like the Devil would walk through and flick his tail and point at one of the people there and they would be dragged away screaming... in Spanish or perhaps Chinese but there was no English being spoken .. well, except for you know who.

They called us, we handed them everything they needed, all neat and stamped and ready to be praised for being so together with all of our papers.

" We need your bank statement" .... But but ... there is nothing about bank statements in the brochure. "I know, but we ask for one anyway."

So we grabbed our things, ran out to the driveway, grabbed a taxi, went home, I sat in the car and the husband ran in and got the bank statement ( lucky us, it just came in the mail the other day) and back to Immigrations. 

Dashing back in, pretty much right away we had our turn , she looked at everything , clipped them together, Bueno, I need your photographs.

"What photographs, there was nothing about photographs"

"I know, but we need two passport photos"..

We came home.
I had a thought ( they are getting fewer and farther between) and looked in our Important Papers file and there was this little envelope with 4 (each) passport photos.. am I brilliant or what ?
So tomorrow we go back, early early, like before the sun comes up .. and they will do whatever it is they do when they make you Permanent.

But no time for celebrating ! 
We will then grab a taxi and dash to the other building, on another street downtown, where they only give so many numbers and stop at noon. 
And we hope we are there in time to do whatever it is we need to do with our new DNI . (National Identity Card)

We came home and walked Pup through the parks and over to the hotel where the family is staying.. wandering around since they weren't there... then there they were !
It is so fun to be here and  see someone you know.. from the Other World.

So we walked and talked and ended up at lunch and Pup got to lie there ignored and unfed while we had Salad with Brie and Smoked Salmon, Pasta with Mushrooms and Mussels , Salad Caprese and Chorizo. 
The great thing about all restaurants in BA is that you can order a cup of coffee and sit there all day, so we were comfy and fed and jabbered for a long time.

Then we walked home, agreeing that dinner might be better tomorrow night, since everyone was well fed already. 
Pup rolled his eyes at that and dragged me home so I could feed him too.

I have a headache.
No, the stress is there but it isn't that.
No, everything is going well, even when it gets farblunget   ..

I have a headache because I had to get up reeeally early 2 mornings in a row. 
I got to bed fairly early, good thing, since the lady upstairs has someone staying with her and he sat in his window and talked on his cell phone for hours... non-stop ... never took a breath .... it is a guy but he talked like a 15 year old girl .... 
If he does it again tonight , I will .... scream shut up out the window .... throw a fit and only the dog will see it .... put a note under their door - Shut up or Else... do nothing but lay there thinking of what I will do until I fall asleep.

But boy, I am telling you, I gotta see this guy from the US.. did I mention that ? 
I can't even be happy there is a fellow Norte Americano in the building... 
I don't like him and I haven't even met him.
grumble grumble ...

But quoting that   brilliant lady again ...   Tomorrow is another day and it is getting us closer to this whole Red  Tape Adventure being over. 


  1. You certainly can put a fun spin on the worst sort of thing. All that red tape...but the reward of the wonderful cafe lunch. Sigh!

  2. I think you need to start bringing the "Lets Make a Deal" pocketbook with you to Immigration - that way even if they unexpectedly ask for a hardboiled egg, you'll have one in there to hand over. :O What a "process". Hugs!

  3. Tricia, you are brilliant and yes, that is what we should have done today also.
    More on that later, I need a drink.

  4. "Tomorrows Just Another Day" is a Madness song...

    I may even mail it just for you...;-)


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