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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don't Cry For Me ~~~

Another day of waking at 5 am to get ready and down to the Immigration Hell for the hopefully last time .... Ever ! 
My husband got up at 5 am, I got up at 6 am, we were there at 7 am and they didn't open until 7:30 am .. 
But we were there First ! We got in line for our numbers, we were # 1 and # 2 .. Of course, we both just went by # 1.

We sat around and waited for the people who work there to arrive, watched them straggle in, watched them say hello, kiss ,   and sip a coffee, kiss, shuffle a paper or two and finally sit down, share some laughs with the person next to 
you and call a number. We were there before she even saw us move. We handed her the papers, the one little thing she wanted yesterday and then she shuffled them, looked at them ( as if she had not thoroughly examined them 
yesterday) and said , Marriage certificate?

Nowhere does it say we need to bring a marriage certificate. They already have it. 
 The translated, certified, copy that got us in the country in the first place. The proof that although we have the same last name, 
we really are not brother and sister..

So the life-saving young lady that works there and came to our rescue last year and again today, had a talk with the 
little miss who was enjoying making our lives miserable and things were "pushed " along and after about  
3-4 hours, we were told that We Are Permanent ..... 
BUT ... in 3 months we will get a letter and will have to come down and they will see about the marriage certificate.
We also think that the way things go here, that letter may never arrive and they might forget all 
about it, like they did the first one we gave them.

Tomorrow we get up at daybreak one more time ... to go to a different Level of Immigration Hell and then we are free, free, free at last ... at least free of Immigrations and getting up at 5 am to do something that is Not Fun.
One should only get up at 5 am if it is to have Fun. And it had better be pretty damned fun Fun.

After getting home, having some much needed coffee and taking a shower to remove the I feel dirty feeling that hung over me .. we called the relatives and decided to go to the Eva Peron Museum and have lunch
at the Museum Cafe.

I love this museum. I don't know that much about Eva Peron but I do know that they did a wonderful job on  the 
Museum.It  is a beautiful old mansion in Palermo.

You walk in and see the Cadillac they rode in .. then you start your walk through the mansion. 
You go around a corner in the lobby and you walk into a dark room with beautiful Tango music playing and you see a film in a room of mirrors, the funeral cortege and the thousands of people in the streets, 
on balconies, as far as you can see, people and flowers.
It was some funeral, let me tell you.
Then as you leave this room, you walk through the rooms where you see her life, her parents and sister, her dresses thatshe wore when she was an actress, the radio she listened to, books that she wrote and then you go upstairs and see Eva Peron , the First Lady. 

Her dresses are amazing and beautiful and anyone who has any interest in Vintage clothing would just about kill to 
get one of those hand made dresses or those shoes ! Oh my dear, those shoes.
Those were the days of hats and she had some great ones. 

Music follows you throughout the museum and the place is so pleasant, I always dawdle. My sister in law finally said, Let's go, I have had enough of Evita. 
So we went to lunch in the Museum cafe. 
I toasted us with a glass, well, two glasses of Sidre ( cider - sweet, bubbly, better than champagne) and I had a Brie and onion crepe, my sister in law had one with apples and dulce de leche inside and ice cream on top  and the boys had pasta  and rabas ( calamari) provencal... especially good if you like having the taste of garlic in your mouth for the rest of the day no matter what you do.

Then we walked.  
We were going to just take a stroll. We walked past the Zoo. From the street, it is just a beautiful park, with a huge 
aviary in there, an old wonderful looking building that has towers and houses elephants and who 
knows what  else was in there?
We have to go back and see. I guess I am ready to see what is happening at the zoo.
We wandered and meandered as usual, something that is so easy to do here ... and finally my sister in law said,  after about 15 blocks  that she was tired and would take a taxi.
We came on home where a certain Pup was delighted to see that we really did come back and after feeding him, we went back out.

I am now delirious with tiredness and have no idea what I have written.


  1. Finally, Permanent! How fantastic. And what a lovely way to celebrate. Cheers!

  2. Glad the relatives got out and about. Sounds like you all had fun once you got out of the clutches of the bureaucrats. Mount Vernon

  3. it's wonderful wonderful

  4. Wow - that woman knew how to dress. You're nearly there with immigration. More coffee - you can do it!

  5. Purest Green, there was a sun dress of black cotton with tiny eyelets in the entire thing.. it was plain from a distance but a work of art up close.. I wanted all of the shoes and most of the handbags.

    Thank you Anonymous 1 .. I think we will continue this celebration. It took 3 years to get to this point, we should make it a nice long party.

    Anonymous 2- We and the relatives had a fabulous day today and after dinner tonight I will post about it. They are doing very well.

    Anonymous 3- thank you :)

    ( are you guys related ? same name and all ... lol

  6. You are a PORTENA (my keyboard does not have the little accents) now!! That means you must have at least 20 cups of coffee a day and not start eating dinner till at least 9pm.

  7. LOL, Ant, I will continue to build up my coffee intake.
    I am also working on the amounts of dulce de leche I consume.
    Tonight was a night for Malbec, Rabas, Pasta and Flan with Dulce de Leche... Muy Bien !


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