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Monday, April 19, 2010

Immigration aka The 9th Circle of Hell

Today we were all set to go to Immigrations in the early ( too early for normal humans) morning and hopefully be in the first part of the line and maybe hopefully get out of there in less than 8 hours ( last year).. 
But nooooo... we arrived early, walked in, showed the guard the papers and why we were there and he said, no, sorry, come back tomorrow, the computer is not working.

So we walked around the building, went in another entrance, spoke to a nice man ( they are all nice but the ones that are so patient with my fractured Spanish and dopey questions should get a Gold star for niceness) .. told me where to go and who to see about this ... 
We went to the third person who told us that "The computers are down, come back tomorrow"....
                                                             It doesn't really look like that now but it felt like that ..

Big beeeg sigh.

Trudging dejectedly through the masses of people who apparently are in a computer that allows them but Not Us, we grabbed a taxi and came home. 
Now what ? 
Can't go back to bed, let's drink another pot of coffee.

I sent a note to the relatives..They are taking the Big Open Bus Tour. 
I want to do this myself.
You get on the bus and go upstairs where the roof has been removed and you put on headphones, in your language and sit back and enjoy a Birds eye view of Buenos Aires. 
And those bus drivers do not drive like the Taxi drivers.
It does not bear imagining if they did ...

So they will have some good stuff to tell us about when we see them.

We won't have much of interest to tell them ..  " yeah, we sat in traffic, the taxi driver was nice, Immigrations has been renovated but it is still one of the Circles in Hell"
I would much rather be chatting about my day of sightseeing or eating or better yet, shopping . 

So ...  as we finished our coffee, I noticed that the Spider plant in the window box is becoming huge with many spider plant babies so I sat on the floor in the door way to the balcony and transplated flowers and put the spider babies in a pot .. soon I will see if my USA Green Thumbs survived the move.

OK, that little chore is done, what to do ...   stay out of the bedroom, that bed looks waaay too inviting.
Take a walk, give Pup some fresh air .. stop at a cafe .. so that is what we did.
More coffee and a few cookies later, we were ready to walk back and see if we could accomplish something today.... but we were unable to.

We have managed to fritter away the day that really should have seen great accomplishments and one step closer to being Permanent Residents... oh well, tomorrow is another day :) As some Great Lady said a long time ago !

We will get up even earlier, says my husband... ( yes, that sound is me weeping at the thought of 5 am ? 6 am ??  ) .. we will get this done... 
Wednesday we will probably just go sleep in the doorway of the Immigration office and that phase of this  will be finished by noon, please God...    Wednesday you should hear the Yippees and Hoorays and Cheers coming from somewhere South of you ..

If not, I will be here, sobbing and whining .... or maybe not... maybe I will just come on here and *PUI.

*PUI= Posting Under the Influence 


  1. It sounds perfectly miserable, but you told it so amusingly I am laughing my head off.

  2. I guess it's time for the official: Welcome to Argentina! cheer, Candice.
    So sorry to hear that!...even more sorry to think that soon I'll be in the same boat...yikes!!!!


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