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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Scream, You Scream ...

We all Scream for Ice Cream.

I have never lived anywhere that had so many ice cream shops. There are the names that you come to recognise, the "biggies', Volta, Freddo's, Munchies, and then there are the countless small places here and there. 
Often, as in the case of the small pizzeria on Pueyrrdeon and Melo, the ice cream flavor rivals that of the big name brands. 
Banana, Chocolate Swiss, Dulce de Leche ... long lists of every flavor , with or without toppings.

A weekend night would not be complete without wandering around Recoleta, by the Cemetery, standing in line at Volta for our cup of Chocolate Swiss and  Banana .. then taking a nice walk , stopping at a park bench somewhere to listen to the music that is coming from a variety of sources and people watching, while having the cool creamy Helado.

Or taking a walk to the Volta on Callao and sitting outside, enjoying Cherry ice cream .... 
 such great flavor ! .. in the words of a great man... It is like A Thousand Cherries running past your Tongue.

I am not sure if the ice cream tastes quite as wonderful when you just carry it home and have it there, something will be lost in the enjoyment, I am sure.
A few days ago, we stopped for ice cream ,  sat down  on a bench and we were treated to a wonderful concert by a band called Aqualactica. And tomorrow we will go see them in concert. 
I am now wondering.... will it sound the same without the ice cream?

Meeting friends at a local ice cream spot, sitting outside and people watching, catching up on news, the dog gets to come along, what could be more perfect on a Summer night ?

It should be known that while the hot days and warm soft nights of Summer are the perfect time for a wander with a cup of ice cream or a cone , some people have been known to bundle up on a  winter night and have a cup of ice cream also .. I think it depends on your dedication to tasting every ice cream flavor available.
You have to try it, there are worse goals in life, I am sure.



  1. It's 6:30 am here, am I dreaming or is that Argentinian ice cream?????? Oh!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I died in my sleep and (believe it or not) went to Heaven!!!!

    I'll take SambayĆ³n con almendras, please. Big, very big!!!

  2. Oh Lord, that just sounds wonderful. Kind of takes the old Breyers Chocolate down a notch.


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