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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Chau Señor Plomero ~

I am not sure if I should even say this out loud. I am afraid to jinx things.
But ... shhhh .... the plumber finished all the work yesterday, today he will repair a few things his partner did ( how does a plumber fix a bathroom pipe but make the bathroom window unable to close? we won't discuss the slight difference in the tile we have and the tile they bought to replace those they broke... )

We hope that this is the last we will see of any plomeros for a long time.

Next will be the Painter. Roberto. I love Roberto.
He speaks English, he is neat and clean and fast.
So the next drama will be ..... What color ??

The weekend might be spent looking at color charts and design magazines, my poor husband is very well aware that once I start with the color charts, there will be other decorating "issues" to contend with ... furniture  moving, picture hanging, pillow buying, well, you get my drift..

But one thing is for sure, I will start changing    my habit of looking up ... up at where a leak might be spreading, down ... down where the wall might look wet , sniffing... is that damp that I smell ???
It might take a little while to get over this water trauma , but I am sure a little shopping/eating out/shopping/decorating therapy will do wonders.

How do you like pale aqua ? or cream ... too boring?


  1. Oh please let him be gone for a long, long time!!!!

  2. Hi Candice!
    I can't believe it! I hope he doesn't come back in a long long time.

  3. Thank you! I hope so too ! un beso !!


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