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Monday, March 1, 2010

Horse Crazy

Argentina is known for polo and for the beautiful horses they have here. Even the mounted police ride what look like the best of thoroughbreds.
Of course, I am a "horse nut" and still remember as a child when I wanted to BE a horse.
Luckily, I had young parents who were happy to let me go riding at a young age, on large horses, so I spent many a happy childhood day, riding bareback, riding saddled horses, falling off of horses and generally happy as I could be, in the company of horses.
There are times when that horse crazy little girl pops back up, just when I thought she was gone forever.
Today was one of those times.
It seems that the President of Argentina was here in town, she has been away and they had a little parade for her.
And no parade in Argentina is complete without the music and the horses.
And what would make the little horse crazy girl in me happy?
When the horses went back to their stables, they went down the street in front of my home.
We were first alerted by the sound of those hooves, clip clopping along... then by the yodel of the dog. He loves horses, I am telling you, he is mad about horses. We are a perfect couple.
So we threw open the doors and there they were.
Amazing, as far as the eye could see, rows of horses marching past my windows.

I don't know what kept me from dashing out into the street in my nightgown , to see them up close, to touch one, to jump on one... well, we all know I am not quite that insane, so I just thought to myself , If only I could... but , you know, it was a nice daydream.

Here they are... creating a horse traffic jam.
Can you imagine telling your boss, sorry, horse traffic was dreadful this morning ...


  1. What a beautiful surprise, all those horses right in the middle of the city...

  2. That is quite a crowd of horses, Madame President! I imagine they appreciated the yodeling poodle.


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