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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday in the Park in Buenos Aires

Today was one of those wonderful days, coming after many very hot days, a dry clear breezy day that was only about 79ºF or 26ºC.
We started out with the Pup, wandering in the direction of the parks but with no real destination in mind. Sundays are always slow and lazy for me and I like just letting things happen, rather than planning where and when and who etc. So this was a perfect day to amble along with my husband and the dog. We stayed in the shade and watched the dog sniff every blade of grass in every park , not to mention a few other dogs and a flower or two.

Crossing the street to the next park and the next lawn of good smelling ( to a pup anyway) grass and trees loaded with pink flowers and Jacarandas blooming again. When the wind blows the right way, it is lightly perfumed with the scent of flowers and cut grass. I had to control myself, to keep from just lying down on my back in the grass, eyes closed and just smelling and feeling the air and sun on me. It was one of those days.

Passing by the Embassy for Chile, seeing the half dozen cats or so , just on the other side of the gates, close enough to temp a Pup but safe. He would never dream of hurting them, he only knows that the first creature who slept with him and kept him company when we got him as a tiny baby was a cat that was gentle and sweet and only wanted to wash Pups face and snuggle up with him on a cold night. The two of them slept in the same bed, they were best of friends. And now Pup sees every cat as a potential new best friend.

Sadly, we have not met one yet that feels the same. So I pull him out of claws reach and we amble along our way.

There is a nice cafe on the corner of one of the big Avenues. There are tables and umbrellas and Pups are welcome. So we stopped for brunch. I had Revuelta Gramajo (scrambled eggs with french fries mixed in them) and a Bloody Mary and my husband had a Salad with Tuna and Capers and a glass of Argentine Malbec. Everyone ( except Pup) loved the food and the drinks. Bloody Marys are not common here and I was happy that it was pretty good ( a bit too salty but that did not stop me from drinking it all) .. the other place for the Best Bloody Mary in town (so far) is the Alvear Palace Hotel. The drink is excellent, we always sit in the corner on a cushy  sofa and people- watch in the Lobby Bar while people from all over the world wander by. There is nothing like it for people watching and sometimes having a good laugh ( which can happen easily with someone who enjoys the Alvear's Bloody Mary)
Cafe Rond Point

After lunch, we wandered more. Into the neighborhood where there are only private homes.
In my dreams, I win the lottery or  rob a bank or country and buy a house in this neighborhood. They are side by side, two and three story Spanish style, English, French, and a few Tudor style homes. Here and there you will see where something old was torn down and a new modern home is standing there, in all its shiny , new glory. Personally, I like the slightly scruffy, brick Georgian townhouse style or the gated stucco Spanish style. All have bougainvillea and hibiscus growing tall and in full bloom. I saw a few Hummingbirds today, all taking advantage of the sun and glorious flowers.

Pup got hungry, the husband got tired and so we wandered back towards home.
I will continue to look at the Real Estate websites and try to figure out how we can get to live back in that neighborhood, I know I will make a lousy bank robber so I guess we will have to do it the honest way.

   I sure could do a lot of decorating with a house like this .. the gardens alone and Pup did seem to admire the yards ! 
So far it has been a lovely Sunday in Buenos Aires~

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The photos are just wonderful!

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