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Monday, March 22, 2010

Good Day Sunshine

Good day Sunshine!

Nothing like waking up to birds singing, doves cooing and bright blue skies.  There are a few tiny white puffy clouds waaay up there but it is a bright sunny day again, in Buenos Aires.
  I will do some things that are needed to be done around the house, since yesterday was an exercise in Laziness and tomorrow will be spent celebrating the fact that I am indeed, an old bag.
Yep, the birthday is tomorrow.
My husband will shop today.  We / I still cannot decide on where to eat and what to do. I think it has something to do with life in the Southern Hemisphere, everything is slower and there seems to be time to make decisions later .. tomorrow..not now.
This is my kinda place in that sense, believe you me !

Pup has gone from his bed in the bedroom, to the sofa  next to my  husband, to the rug in here by me.
Obviously, he has been overwhelmed with the ennui that envelopes me ... this is good, there would be conflict if I were having to cope with a high energy live-wire dog ... Pup echoes me ... he is quiet and relaxed when I am , he is up and ready to go when I am ... yep, he is the Perfect Pup.

Now if only he could help me decide on where to go for the Birthday dinner... 
But that is where the Perfect Husband comes in .. he will either help me think of somewhere, or he will surprise me, the man is till chock full of surprises !

Amici Miei
Where to go , there are so many choices...  I have to go take a walk with the Pup and the husband and figure this out.
Tigre is a good idea if there were not clouds of mosquitoes there right now ... 
     Our first trip here, we celebrated an anniversary. We went to a beautiful restaurant in the Four Seasons hotel.
While finishing our meal, we heard Tango music, live .. my husband asked the hostess about it and she said there was a small show in the lounge. Next thing we knew, they had a table ( on the edge of the dance floor) and our after dinner drinks and coffee were served there, while we watched  2 men and a woman dance.. Tango ... lovely ... that is what I need. Something unexpected ... it will happen, it always does ~


  1. Have you learned to tango? That'd be on my list. You're in the perfect place to learn :-)

  2. I was ready to recommend Amici Miei, but after looking at the website for Oviedo, I say that (Oviedo) would definitely be my choice.

    One woman and two men doing the Tango? Oh, I do like those odds! ;)

    Dear friend, I hope you have a birthday that is every single bit as lovely as you are--it's only fair!


  3. We don't really Tango, outside of our home lol but we do go to Milongas, which are not shows but where all the people who do Tango, go to Tango.
    The music is wonderful too.

    Thank you ! No decision on where to eat yet but in our house, there is one woman , a dog and a man doing Tango sometimes !


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