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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

About that Profile Photo ... and various other mental wanderings

That is Pup.
My previous photo  was the cat from the Buenos Aires Japanese Gardens.
While a beautiful cat, it really was not "connected" to me in any way and I felt that Pup would be a much better choice for Cover "Boy" ..

The location of the photo is the park next to the Belle Artes Museum on Libertador.

This is one of our favorite parks, not only because it is close to our home but it is huge, there are these fantastic oddly shaped trees with huge thorns that grow out of the bark ( obviously cats nor children climb these trees) and amazing flowers grow in them, delighting me with the sight of hummingbirds darting here and there and feeding all the time.
There is a little fenced in children's playground, wide grassy areas where boys ( of all ages) can play futbol (soccer) .. it is most enjoyable to watch a young father teaching his young son to play soccer. The yelling, the running, the cheering, really much more fun that going to one of the games, really.

There is a reservoir where mostly men and some children, sail beautiful little boats and have races on Sundays.  It has   a very "Sunday in the Park ", by Seurat, feeling to it. .

These parks are huge , each section covering more than one city block, and each one has something about it that makes it special or a bit different from the other. Ours has some trees, it is considered to be the Museum Park, there are sculptures scattered all around.

The next park has a huge statue in the middle and concrete and marble areas where skate boarders skate and fall down.
Then there are vast grassy areas where more boys play soccer and moms sit on blankets with babies and if the sun is shining and it is over 60ยบ F, they will be sunning themselves. And Pups will be sniffing around ...

And then there is the park with the trees. My favorite for many reasons. This park is at the end of the series, the Embassy for Chile is located here, there is a long allee of trees that are at least 100 years old, huge , massive branches and soft feathery looking leaves, shading large areas of the walk, which is delightful in the summer heat .. there are benches scattered here and there for you to sit and enjoy the shade and watch the traffic on Libertador , where now and then there is a parade or car rally.. and the way people drive here, it sometimes resembles a large car race where everyone is headed towards the Finish line.

This park has a few wonderful statues, generally huge, marble and bronze and featuring a man on a horse. I love them all. This park also has a row of apartment houses whose back apartments look out over the park and this is my goal, to live in one of those apartments.
I want to wake up to the sight of all that green, and it might be fun to have a grand statue of a man on a horse outside the window too.

So this is why Pup is now on my profile photo ..


  1. Pup is a good-looking and lucky guy! Thanks for sharing his photo with us.

  2. Perfect way to spend your birthday! It all looks so beautiful and ideal for pupstrolls.


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