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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away .........

I am generally fine with a bit of rain now and then.
We haven't had too much lately, which has been a Good Thing in my mind, for the obvious reasons, walking a dog  in rain = not much fun, mosquitoes that come out after the rain = no fun at all, walking a dog in the park after rain with all the mosquitoes = my version of Hell.

Today is a perfect day for rain, Sunday.
Loll around after a late night visiting cousins and eating all that grilled food.. looking at family photos, sleeping late, reading magazines that my thoughtful daughter mailed to me from the US...  I can see what the rest of the world is wearing And be able to read it in English.

But then , there is a certain Pup, who cannot go out alone, cannot manage the buttons on the elevator even if he could go out alone and I am not sure if he could figure out the key thing in all the doors.... so this leaves The Saint, aka   my husband ...  who says, you stay here, I will walk him.

God bless that man.

So while we hope that the dogs bladder is bigger and stronger than , say , mine ... I spend a lot of time on a rainy day,
1- Thinking of good games for a Pup to play ( keeps his mind off the bladder).

2- Cooking enough food for a family of 6, when there is still only 2 of us eating.

3-Reading Vogue... it is in English, what more can I ask for? ( besides some of the shoes I am seeing)

4- Drying a Standard Poodle after he has been walking in heavy rain ... this takes an average of 45 minutes, not counting the hour it takes to play Towel Tug of War and Give Me Your Foot. ( and yes, he is ticklish)..

It is only 5:45 .. I have been tasting the soup so much I am full.
I have a Strata in the oven as an experiment ( never made one before ...) and thank God for Pizza delivery, if it doesn't work out.

Rain or shine, Sunday or any other day of the week, the Pizza place 2 blocks from our home is open and delivering.
They deliver on roller skates.
The pizza is always hot. Personally, I cannot figure out how they roller skate in the rain carrying a pizza but then, I can't skate.
I am still adjusting to the pizza here.. we like it pretty much... thin crust ( very good) lots of cheese ( ok) no sauce really, just a schmear and then on top of it all, slices of fresh tomatoes and green olives ( usually with pits) ... so aside from the danger of breaking a tooth on the olive , the pizza here is pretty good.

And even better when it is raining and you don't want to go out ... until Pup says you have to.



  1. I would LOVE to live in Buenos Aires! I can't wait to hear more about it. And I think that pizza sounds perfect.

  2. Dang - I had this really schmoove comment about the rain and blog spot ate it.

    So the long and short of it. Being from the PNW it was funny watching those who were bedecked in panchos and full rain gear in Florida.

    When we were there, we'd get rained on and 10 minutes later we were dry.

    We saw another couple who like us were just in tank tops, running shorts, and sandals and we both figured out we all were from the PNW:)

    Rain is okay, bug, oh my gawd that's another story all together.

  3. I can't believe is raining again, Candice! I don't know how I'm going to deal with this when I come back.NOT a rain person :(
    I guess since I won't have to work, I will just stay home and find something fun and creative to do. Regarding the previous post: have you research a bed and breakfast in Tigre,for ex. to spend the weekend? It's a charming area and I'm sure you will be able to take the dog with you. In a remise it will be a 30 or 40 minute drive.Give it a try! Chau!!


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