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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Food Food Glorious Food

Medialunas, Gelato, Churros, Pasta, Papas  and Dulce de Leche. Coffee and Scones , Chocolate and Dulce de Leche Layer cake. Egg and Potato Pancakes, Pizza, Empanadas and Sushi! Mexican food, Chinese food and Indian food.

Salads and fruit and pastries and yes, Burger King, McDonald's and Starbucks. Trout and Salmon and Tuna and Calamari and Shrimp. 

Alfajores and Steak, Chorizo and Lomo and Panchos. Did I mention Malbec?

We will have to live here a very long time before we have tasted everything. It is a wonder that most people here are thin. It is a wonder that we have remained thin ! 
Something about eating cookies served with your coffee in the afternoon or is it the Gelato with coffee in the mornings? Yes that is the secret, I think I should stay on this diet.

First you have coffee in the morning to wake  you up. Then you get ready for the day and go to a cafe where you have coffee and a medialuna ( like a small sweet croissant) , then you go on about your day.

Lunch time comes along. As the afternoon wears on, it is time for Tea or Coffee and a Scone , sounds good. 

Early evening, time to meet friends at a cafe, decide what to do for the evening... coffee or tea and a glass of wine are perfecto.

Dinner plans are set, go home, rest and take care of Pup and relax. 
9 PM, time to meet friends for drinks before dinner. 
10 PM, dinner followed by drinks at a bar, then home. 
It's 3 am ? Soon it will be time for coffee.

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  1. My Lean Cuisine is looking pretty lame.


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