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Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Soft Night, A Full Moon and Beautiful Music

Tonight was one of those perfect nights that comes along once in a while. We decided that we needed ice cream, Pup needed a walk, so off we went in the direction of Volta. Volta is an ice cream shop. They are located all over town but our favorites are on Quintana and Ayacucho where we used to rent an apartment when we first arrived here and were always lost but found our way to that ice cream shop with no problem. It is like morphic resonance, if there is an ice cream shop around, my husband will find it.
It seemed like everyone in town was out taking a walk. Young couples, old couples, families, babies and grandparents, and of course, as always , the dogs.

We wandered back towards home, passing Cafe Biela, where the outdoor cafe was bustling and inside there were a few men visiting each other .. towards Pilar, where the bell tower shines white in the dark sky, after a cleaning and renovation, the blue tile work can be seen up there, it is so very beautiful, the oldest church in Buenos Aires.

The artisans were closing up their booths from the days Feria, they will be back tomorrow morning, mate cups in hand, ready to charm and sell.

We heard the music first, strolling along , we noticed there were quite a few people ahead, standing , sitting on the ground, all around and the music.. so beautiful. And there they were, three young men, with their violins and bass, cases open for donations, amps behind them so you could hear the music perfectly and clearly .. and there was a bench, waiting for us to have a seat ! And so we did.

My husband, Pup and I must have sat there for an hour, listening to this lovely music, under the most fabulous Full Moon.. we saw someone we knew, she asked if we liked them and I said very much!

So she spoke to someone and gave me their info .. they will be in Palermo at a club next week and we will go see them.
I will buy their CD ..

Look at the website, you can listen to the music.
Tell me if you like it as much as I do. Or maybe you need one of those fabulous full moons shining down on you while you listen... I don't know, you tell me.


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

We loved the music Candice, but we have to admit that it would sound much better if we were sitting on the Recoleta, under the gomero, with lots of people around and having sambayon ice cream from Freddo (our fave!!) In the meantime, I bought my rain boots in case it rains . LOL!! Can't wait to be there!!

Kathleen said...

Oh, the post so reminded me of life in Rome! And it's funny because without a map I can always find an ice cream shop in Rome or in Florence. Loved the music, but no full moon here due to clouds...the skies are supposed to clear later in the week, and I'm counting on that! Lovely post, thank you.

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