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Monday, February 22, 2010

Don't Look Back !

Who knew that Pup would be the one and only Standard Poodle ( Grande Caniche) in Buenos Aires?
Who knew that people would stop us every block to ask , what breed of dog he was.. when he runs around the parks, tourists take photos of him .. hmmm, back where they live, they will be telling their friends of this strange Argentine dog that they saw, they have photos, everyone has photos!
Luckily, he is quite used to having his picture taken and will even sit and smile for you. Personally, I have the feeling he is really a little person in a dog suit.

When we moved here, we knew we had to find a groomer. Poodles don't have fur, they have hair and it grows. So a good hair cutter is as important for him as it is for me. We went through a few bad haircuts, yes, even pups can have bad hair days, but then a lady stopped me on the street and told me to see Hugo. He is an expert at grooming the caniche.
We were there the next day. So now Pup looks presentable , which might be the reason some dogs are strangely attracted to him, he just looks so good.

We walked to the Park today, he loves sniffing every inch of his park, I wander along with him or just relax on a bench and let him have a good time.
Today I was standing there, enjoying the fresh ( if a bit wet) air , the flowers blooming in the trees, when I glanced down at my leg. It was covered in mosquitoes!
I started swatting at them, dancing around, making strange squeaky noises... the nice man who earns change helping people park their cars, walked over to me, realized what was wrong and said "mosquitoes" ... Yes, mosquitoes, eating me alive.
He looked like he might have wanted to help swat them off my legs so I thanked him and walked towards the dog, who had met another little dog, doing my strange little dance, swatting my legs.
I think I broke a blood vessel in my finger, swatting too hard.
My finger is now twice the size of the others and an alarming purple color.

Of course, Pup was terribly excited by all the hopping and squeaking so he tried to do one of his Death Dashes into traffic.. I knew he would try it, he had that Look on his face.
So I grabbed him and we ran home... I am sure we were followed by a large cloud of mosquitoes, but I didn't dare look back... I told Pup, Don't look back, whatever you do, Don't look back !!


  1. Oh Candice! You can't leave home without OFF! Also, have you tried the Citronella bracelets? They are sold at any pharmacy, they smell a little strong but they sure work, they saved my kids' arms and legs! Glad Pup is being treated as a super star!


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