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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Whenever anyone would ask where we were moving to, we would tell them Buenos Aires, Argentina .. and the next question would be, Do you Tango?
No, we don't. My husband would love to. He has been known to sweep me into a Tango-ish dance around the room, when no one is looking. I know he would enjoy dancing a real Tango with someone who knew how to do it the right way.
I always end up giggling and stumbling over his feet or my feet or Pup's feet, since he thinks this looks fun and he will join the party.
We have friends who fly to Buenos Aires from New York every few months and the main focus of their trips, is Tango.
They are so very good. It is always a pleasure to watch them.

So how lucky were we that they invited us to go with them one night to a Milonga? A milonga is where people go to dance Tango. Most of these people live in Buenos Aires and have known each other for years and go to the same milongas every night for years. It was a thrill for us to gt to go with them. Better than any movie.

People of all ages, shapes and sizes, wearing all sorts of outfits and dancing this wonderful dance.
I especially enjoyed the older couples, who might be in their 80's, but on the dance floor, they are once again, young and supple and graceful - always graceful.
I love the way the woman slowly, so slowly, places her arm around her partners shoulder , then closes her eyes, he stands there a minute, then they move, perfectly, light on their feet, swaying, turning, intricate steps, turning, bodies inches apart, heads held just so, touching hands, feet moving , all to this wonderful music.

They stay and dance until 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning, some leave when the sun is up. They go to breakfast with friends.
I fear that I would embarrass myself and my husband by falling asleep before anyone else, right there in the milonga.
But , maybe not if I dance, that might be what is keeping them young... and awake.
But for now, I listen to the music and have wonderful graceful Tangos with my husband, in my daydreams... he will be so happy to know how well we Tango together.


Books And Other Arts said...

First of all, I love the poster art you have to accompany this particular post.

Secondly, I think you SHOULD try it! You have what sounds like a terrific husband who'd love to dance with you. You are a slender lady who exercises regularly with long walks, so you obviously have some coordination. The milongas sound terrific, but you don't have to stay until 3 or 4 in the morning as others do. Start slowly, and build, I say!

In any event, today's entry on your blog reminds me of my pal, Dave, whom I referenced on my blog on "Chick Lit". Dave had a long-term girlfriend he'd dated prior to marrying Helene. He and said girlfriend took dancing lessons, as the girlfriend came from a family of girls, and the two of them were always going to weddings. Dave told me the "final dance" held by wherever they'd taken lessons not only was a tango, but they actually had de-thorned roses to put into their mouths! Talk about a dramatic touch...what flair!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

It's time for you and your Husband to take some Tango lessons, Candice. That way you won't fall asleep before the sun comes up and you guys can join your friends for cafe con leche y medialunas right after the milonga!

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