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Sunday, February 21, 2010

"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."

No matter where in the world we have lived or visited, one of our favorite pastimes is going to the Cinema. We have gone to see movies in London and Paris, in every state we have lived in and of course, here in our new home in Buenos Aires.

My husband always loved the fact that in NYC, there were so many fantastic movie theatres just a few blocks from our apartment. We could see Foreign film festivals, old movies, new movies, we saw City Lights at the Carnegie Hall Cinema, with lunch after, at the Russian Tea Room. When we had two small children and no babysitter, we discovered Drive-In theatres in New Jersey.
My children seem to have survived serious mental harm by sleeping through Jaws and a few horror movies. What did we know, we were kids ourselves? I grew up in North Carolina, drive-in movies were a part of life. Although I was warned by my dad when I started dating ... Stay away from the Drive-In . It was a while before I was allowed to go to one on a date, my dad was no dummy.

Imagine my delight when living in Los Angeles, I had friends, bosses and an occasional date with someone who made a movie or knew someone who made a movie, so I got to go to Screenings !
Woodstock was my first screening. Little did I know that just months after seeing that movie, that I would be living in New York City !

So here we are in Argentina. I had high hopes that there would be at least one cinema where we could see English language films.
That we bought a home just a matter of blocks from a huge cinema complex was icing on the cake!
Winter days we would run out for the afternoon movie, sitting in the big cushy seats, eating M&M peanuts and spending two hours lost in another time, another place. Walking home giving each other our critiques of the film, the actors, the directing..

They tore down our movie complex.
They say the new one will be better than ever. I have my worries about that, it needed no improvement.
So we have to go a little farther but we still manage a movie a week, most weeks and we still walk home playing our version of "Siskel and Eibert ".

When heading to the cinema at Patio Bullrich, remember, you can shop and have lunch too .. perfect for rainy/winter days.

The cinema at Alto Palermo is huge, well taken care of and we saw Avatar 3D here. I still wish I had gotten a photo of the people in the audience.. all those little faces, turned up at the screen, all wearing their black framed '50s looking glasses..

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