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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
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Groucho Marx
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Friday, January 11, 2019

A Reading List

My favorite reads these days are books that are not too graphic , violent , ,silly, and on the light side because I am in that position of being too sensitive to Everything.
I want to be entertained, to lose myself in a place where mysteries are solved , someone is the hero or heroine, maybe there is romance , a cat ,dog,horse but no bloody violence and nightmare ingredients.

I really enjoy the books by Nancy Atherton-the Aunt Dimity  stories.
My sister in law started my addiction to Aunt Dimity and it has served me well.
Read the first one, she inherits a house.......

I have and will read anything Daniel Silva writes.
Google him.
Charles Todd , start with his first and enjoy.

Do you enjoy reading a day or afternoon away?
Who and what kind of stories?
I have 42books on my Kindle.

I'd better stop writing and start reading ~


  1. You might really like Louise Penny or Jacquline Winspear. They write lovely books with wonderful characters. And for really relaxing, fun (fluff) reads Beaton's Agatha Raisen or Hamaish McBeth novels. These books always cheer me up and are very positive.

  2. You might enjoy the Donna Leon series starring Commissario Guido Brunetti. Her books all take place in Venice and are, I think, quite wonderful. Mundi in chilly Vermont.

  3. mundi , yes !!! I have read some of her books but had forgotten about her .. thanks !

  4. Most everything Alexander McCall Smith writes is upbeat and appealing, my favorites are the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, set in Botswana.

  5. Check out the sweet series by Alan Bradley about precocious Flavia de Luce; the first book is "The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie". I also highly recommend the Mitford series by Jan Karon, and totally agree about the #1 Ladies Detective Agency series :)

  6. I am without a computer
    I am using my phone
    As soon as I can get back to the computer I will be ordering books like crazy!
    Just to show you the bad luck I have had lately with computer problems, even the brand new iPad won’t let me on the internet:(
    Tomorrow I will see what I can do to download some books.
    Thank you πŸ™ I

  7. Daniel Silva is one of my favorite writers, I recommend him to everyone.


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