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There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
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Friday, August 3, 2018

My Day So Far

This will be short.
My days are long. Full of not much. I hate daytime TV. The cats refuse to speak. Oh yes, they meow and purr but I need someone to talk to ... and to talk to me.
Not about the office or the traffic but something perhaps, a wee bit interesting !

This is my day so far ... you will understand my discontent.

It is really really warm outside.
Big black clouds are building up.
So the worry begins ... winds ? the tall trees behind my house ? flooding ?
I was not worried but they don't s t f u about it on tv so I am getting anxious.
Thus I am online at 1:20 in the afternoon ... I will go read a book soon. After turning down the a/c some more ... it is hot and humid !!
Inside !

So ... Twice a week the garbage people come by ... glass etc one day ... garbage another day.

Today is Garbage day.
My cans were  rolled out last night and left in the correct position at the curb.
By my driveway.
You know, in case I feel like jumping in the car and taking off somewhere in the middle of the night, I won't hit the garbage cans.

The garbage men are usually here earlier  .. I walked out to the cans and opened the garbage can do see if it was empty.
It was . . empty of garbage.
But the bottom of the can was crawling with maggots.

Did that get your attention ?

I don't have a hose. No need.
Until I want to wash out a garbage can...crawling with maggots.
So next best thing, in the heat and humidity, shuddering with revulsion, I carried a sauce pan back and forth from the house to the garbage can and emptied the water into it ... where I had already poured half a container of Bleach.

Now the clouds are really rolling in. And I will leave the garbage can outside the garage door , open.
Let the rain finish washing it for me.
How much do I love living in Florida ??

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  1. Maggots - ugh - I had the same problem in my bin. The bag was still in so I put it into two more bags, like you lots of water and bleach together with the mop I keep for washing out the bin. Gillian, England


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