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Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Wasp

There was a day, not that long ago, when I would have immediately killed a wasp before it even knew what hit it .
But I looked at it and knew it was not going to do much except fly away or die.
I was sorry for it.
But I was  not going to kill it.

You see, I am one of those people who is seriously allergic to bee stings ... like swell up and die kind of allergic.

But for some reason, I was not afraid of it and I didn't  want it to die.
I sat still and he went on to more interesting things .. all was well.

I live on the edge of a State forest.
You can't hunt here and all sorts of creatures live there and now and then I have my morning coffee with my cats and all kinds of noisy bullfrogs and crickets and creatures that I hear but don't see.
Like a snake.

The snake was  very green and young and probably totally freaked out when he came into the lanai and there were the cats and I.
We were all curious about each other but none of us wanted to hang around and get acquainted.
I corralled the cats and locked them in the house, little faces pressed to the glass doors, tails whipping around, boy, were they mad  at me!
That they were unable to hunt and kill a snake. I know they blame me for ruining their lives.

So I opened the door wide and went to stand as far way as I could and I watched it slither out and into the grass and freedom.
Last night a possum came to the lanai door ... snooping around, getting into the water dishes I had outside for the stray cats, mooching around like possums do ...there was a noise in the trees and shrubs and the little possum toddled away ... in time for a nice big raccoon to come out and sniff around ... hmmm smells like cat food ..... and then off back into the woods.

It was so great. I sat there, safe in my screened lanai, watching these creatures coming out of the forest and doing what they do .. while I sat there silent and happy to see it all.
It would have been nice 1- if I could have been able to take photos... but that would have complicated everything 2- if someone had been there with me ... but it was great anyway..
I am glad I did not kill that wasp.


liparifam said...

A friend gave me one of these, and it has been invaluable for trapping and releasing spiders, wasps etc... I don't like to kill them, either.

liparifam said...

let's try this one:

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