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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hit in the Face

Ambulance Chaser- A lawyer who specializes in bringing cases seeking damages for personal injury.

Today is a gorgeous day .. blue blue skies , no clouds , sunshine but not too hot and a light breeze stirring things up.
Flowers are blooming everywhere, going down my favorite road in Jacksonville, all the massive old trees are dripping moss and flowers are like a carpet underneath. . I always want to live there,when I go to the supermarket and go down that road.

I was in a good mood, still am .. mostly.
Shopping is easy, I mostly needed things I just like to have around, cinnamon rolls, chocolates, etc.
Then it happened, in the middle of my pretty quiet and pleasant day ... in the supermarket .. a box on the top shelf, way over my head ... fell on me.

As I was looking ... up. It hit me on my cheek , cheekbone and below.
I was shocked at first .. I mean, really, I was standing there not touching anything and a box fell off the top shelf and slammed into my face !
And it hurt dammit ! I touched it and felt around and I am thankful that there was no blood. just a blue knot .. on my face !
I decided to leave the store then, but I had to go through the check out line .. the lady at the register asked me what happened, you can't not notice the red mark on my face .. and I said a box fell and hit me. I made light of it because it was embarrassing and it felt awful and I just wanted to leave.
She told me to go get something cold to put on it ..
I checked out as quickly as possible and went to the car.
Where I put my groceries away and got behind the wheel and had a little cry.
I was suddenly feeling so alone, I missed my husband, someone to make me laugh about being hit in the face by a box of pasta  in a grocery store ..
then it all passed, I got myself together and drove home .. a little over the speed limit ... it was a lucky policeman who did not stop me .
In the store, a shopper asked me if I had a lawyer .. I said I am fine ( my daughter works in a law firm)
But I am just grateful .. I wasn't really hurt, it could have been so much worse, a can instead of a box, my eye instead of my cheek .. I will look at the good side , not the worst case ..

So that is the story for today. I am home, the cats are fine, napping in their sun spots and I am going to go drink a soda and relax with them ..thankful that this is the worst thing I have to talk about.

The End


Terra said...

That would have upset me too, especially since I also no longer have my dh to cheer me up and get me to laugh. Have a lovely rest of the week and I hope the injury on your face heals quickly.

Linda said...

Glad you’re ok...I would have cried too....😢
How about a nice glass of Red 🍷
Linda :o)

Barbara H. said...

That was a cruel, unexpected blow. You have a good perspective on the situation. I hope it heals quickly and the memory fades just as fast.

Candice @NotesFromAbroad said...

Thank you Barbara , very kind of you:)

Candice @NotesFromAbroad said...

No wine but I had a few chocolates.

Candice @NotesFromAbroad said...

I am so sorry that you know how it felt:(
Big hugs.

rosemarie said...

Some days it's better to just stay in bed!! Hope that the rest of the week is less "exciting" so you can just relax, enjoy and be safe. Un'abbraccio forte, Ro xx

Candice @NotesFromAbroad said...

Grazi Rosemarie ... it is SO much better today :)

liparifam said...

Totally understand. Once in the Garden Center at a Home Depot in Texas, I was just standing there looking at something and a huge metal loading ramp they had leaning against a wall (seriously, it was about seven feet tall and heavy iron) fell over and hit me a glancing blow on the side of my head! If it had hit me straight on it might well have killed me. It happened from behind, so I was totally confused and shocked by what had happened. But the craziest part was HD's reaction; the employees acted like they didn't even want to help me sit down and compose myself, like they were just hoping I would disappear. One of them went and got a manager who just wanted me to fill out some kind of paperwork - probably saying I wouldn't sue them! No other shoppers helped either. I was horribly shaken and scared, and had a big lump on my scalp. I just had to leave, shaking and crying, and drive myself about 15 miles home. I called a friend and said call me every hour for a while to make sure I'm okay. Horrible :( I'm so glad you weren't more seriously hurt. Afterwards, I found this online: And it doesn't only happen at HD...

Candice @NotesFromAbroad said...

lipari.. that is so terrible !! you poor thing :(

Candice @NotesFromAbroad said...

I just read your story again and again I want to cry for you.
You were lucky I wasn’t there, I would have been sitting on the floor next to you making sure you were alright.
I am so glad that you were.

liparifam said...

Oh, that is sweet of you, Candace! I know you would have :) I always rush to aid people in trouble, and I just can't understand those who don't - at all. It was a very surreal incident - everyone's reactions were just so strange...

Candice @NotesFromAbroad said...

Very very strange, I might have to avoid HD from now on.

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