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But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
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Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Saturday Night and Beyond

I remember how my husband hated going out on Saturday Nights ... "date night" ..
We used to go out on Sunday nights sometimes but enjoyed weeknights when there were no lines or noisy crowds ..
In Argentina, we would go out during the week usually, just because we liked it better ..

For years and years, he worked on Saturdays , so Sunday and Mondays were our weekend ..
I got so used to having Mondays with him, to the mall , to the movies, he loved grocery shopping .. he really should have been a housewife, he liked to vacuum also.
He was a good husband. I think being single for a while made a difference, he knew how to iron and do his own laundry etc .. And I was the young twit whose mom had a maid and didn't have that much time as a single girl to grow accustomed to being On My Own. ( like I am now )...

But the good feeling that comes with Friday ... end of the week .. weekend ahead !!  is still appreciated.. even if it is only me and a few kitty cats.
Yes, a few ... Merlin ... Minette ... Honey ... My Trio of Terror ..

I don't go anywhere, except the grocery store ..
I don't go out with anyone ..
I don't socialize ..
None of this is a complaint, it is just a description of my days . life . What has become of me ..

It is peaceful and quiet and I try not to worry about robbers and such .. crime here is terrible.
I never realized .. no wonder there are gates to get in here and keys and cards and fences you can't see.
The news is horrible, I quit listening, murder here and theft and shooting there .. it was nice in Buenos Aires .. I couldn't understand the news people well enough to hear anything to worry about.
CNN only told us about the political part of things.

So I am quietly drifting through the days and making plans and figuring things out and not really much else . And I am just letting it happen. I think maybe I needed this time .. quiet and alone which is not what I would choose but it has been fairly peaceful for me when I probably needed it.

But it is beginning to be time for this to change.
Time for the next Chapter ....
I might not be posting on a regular basis because no one is interested in reading about peace and quiet every day .. so I will write when there might be something vaguely interesting to share.
Don't go away .. I will be back .. and hopefully with new adventures to plan and share ..


sillygirl said...

I am always fearful of thinking there is nothing happening and my life is humdrum - until some calamity happens and I long for the "boring" days my life had. I like hearing about the quiet life - sometimes I need to know that still exists!

CDF said...

I know just what you mean sillygirl and I totally agree. Life can be boring and humdrum then it can be hectic and crazy and you long for humdrum .. keeps us on our toes :)

sillygirl said...

And that has happened! It was supposed to be an uncomplicated Monday. Then my nephew said he would be by to cut trees for us and a message from the dentist saying they had an opening instead of my June appointment for a new crown. My husband had a tooth problem so he went instead - he needs a tooth out and a possible implant. Skype didn't work with a friend. An appointment for Tuesday after my husband's with the surgeon about his nerve problem in his spine - appointment with the oral surgeon and the new tooth appointment for me early Tuesday. Thursday a heart stress test for my husband. All this we are jamming in before a paid-for May trip.
Enjoy your boring times!

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