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Alan Cohen
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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Trick or Treat ?

The Trick :  I got my license plates today. I am now officially a Florida Driver.
I had to drive to Hell and back and everyone there was as kind as could be and helpful and sympathetic and I was very lucky to have that nice experience when I was dreading the whole thing so much.
Then the second part I was dreading happened but I managed .. I got lost. But finally I saw a sign that said I-95 which mean that if I got on that, it would eventually lead me home ... and it did.

I was driving 70 mph in the slow lane with a truck tailgating me ... just in case I wanted to be stressed just a little more. I wanted to tap my brake but was afraid he would hit me so I changed lanes when I could and wanted to do a Happy Dance when I saw a familiar landmark and ended up getting off the highway much closer to my home than I thought I would.

The cats were so glad to see me and I was pretty glad to see them ... no one wants to drive or even move at my house tonight.
Dinner ?  whatever  ... as long as I do not have to get in that car .. or think.
Thinking is so overrated .. it just makes you tired. And you get nowhere doing it.

The Treat : I 'll call a  restaurant nearby and order  dinner and if they deliver, even better.
I hope your day was more treats than tricks ... wait until Halloween !!!


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Well you did it !!
Well done.
I'm not a fan of driving on the interstates, too many distracted drivers zooming along mindlessly. I would much rather take secondary roads.
I'm happy you found your way home and back to your beautiful kitties.

ttt said...

WHAT?? You got a Florida driver's license? I thought you were moving back to lovely NYS. You keep teasing us with your plans. Well...I hope where ever you land or if you stay in Fl. you are happy.

NotesFromAbroad said...

ttt- All the police see when I drive by is NY plates and I have a Florida drivers license .. ticket time !
So I got license plates and now I am all legal until I move somewhere else.
get it ?

ttt said...

OH! Oh! Now I understand. Glad you won't be blogging from jail!

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